Snake Eyes Irons

First off a quick shout to my boys Liverpool FC after their huge victory over Chelsea in the Champions League semis. Only two more games to go!

Okay, we get tons of emails asking us about different component companies and brands and models. Obviously it is impossible for us to keep up to date on all the different companies out there but we try to be as knowledgeable as we can on the bigger ones. Snake Eyes seems to be the company that we get the most emails for.

As most of you are probably aware Snake Eyes is owned by Golfsmith. You can vist to get all the info you need on their products. Snake Eyes is one company that I personally really like to talk about because I really believe in their product. Any of you who have read my profile will know that I play Snake Eyes irons and wedges. I find the Snake Eyes clubs are a great price for a great product plus you can custom build them with any shafts you like.

We had a question on the Snake Eyes 600B/C irons and specifically on the forging. Snake Eyes uses an S45C carbon steel in these heads which creates one of the softest feeling clubs on the market. The S45C is much softer than say a 1035 carbon steel and would be more comparable to a 1025 used in top end Mizuno and Hogan forgings. As well Snake Eyes uses a five-step forging process to ensure consistency and quality in all their heads.

SirShanksAlot and I are still working on getting some more samples from Snake Eyes and Golfsmith but you can expect to see some reviews of these products on the site shortly.


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