Orlando PGA Show – MacGregor Adds New Products

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. We’ll continue our look back at the 2007 PGA Show in Orlando with some insight into three new products introduced by MacGregor Golf.

We briefly touched on the Face-Off putters the other day and they were out in full force in Orlando. This putter is designed to give consistent performance and distance no matter what area of the face strikes the ball. The Face-Off line also comes complete with two different face inserts (a soft polymer and a harder milled) that allow the player to customize the putter depending on the speed of the greens. There are three different models available right now and all three feature really wide faces to help with increasing the MOI.

The MacGregor booth featured a putting machine that demonstrated how the Face-Off line matched up to other brands. Most of the other putters hit the ball a bit further when struck directly in the sweet spot but the MacGregor had much tighter length dispersion when the putters were struck on the heel and the toe. Essentially this technology is as much about deadening the center as it is about making the heel and toe livelier. The result is is actually very noticeable. The additional faces are a cool idea and there is a very pronounced difference in feel between the two.

The second big introduction for the company was the NVG2 Draw 460 driver. This is basically the same NVG2 driver as last year but MacGregor has added additional weight to the heel to help correct slices. The NVG2 has been quietly getting positive response from the people that I talk to and I think this new addition gives the company a solid player in the game improvement category. There was some decent hype around it and the show as well. The company has also added matching Draw fairway woods in stainless steel as well. These fairway woods will be available in a Strong 3, 3, 5 and 7.

The company also introduced their MacTec NVG2 Mid-Irons. These are variations of last year’s NVG2 model and feature Cup Face 360 technology and tungsten weighting. The company has been able to make the club a bit more compact and the iron is packed full of technology designed to make it even easier to hit.

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