Did We Really Need The Cobra 460SZ?

Emails, emails, emails! Let’s get started!

We have had a few emails about the Cobra 460SZ driver. This is the newest offering from Cobra Golf and it features all of the same “SZ” technologies used in the current 400SZ and 440SZ. I sometimes wonder why Cobra came out with this club… I don’t think I have ever had a customer that said the 440SZ was too small. Why mess with a good thing? Why not ride out the rest of the year with the 400SZ and 440SZ and then bring out a brand new 460CC driver next year? So what’s the deal with the 460SZ? It’s the current 440Sz but a bit bigger and a bit more forgiving. If you have the 440SZ, don’t switch because you’re wasting your time!

We have also had a few emails about MacGregor products. First is the MacTec driver… we will be including a review of the MacTec in our “24 in 24″ posting. Look for that in the next few weeks. I will say this though… I haven’t had this many customers ask me about a MacGregor product in a long time! Another email asking about the M565 irons. I am a big fan of MacGregor irons… they don’t get a lot of recognition but they are well worth a look. Don’t be surprised if a MacGregor iron makes it into the “24 in 24″ too!

A question about Nanotechnology and what it can do for you. The biggest thing that Nanotechnology provides is consistency. Think about it… wouldn’t it be nice if your driver shaft reacted the same way every time? Wouldn’t it be nice if you reshafted your driver with the same type of shaft and it reacted exactly the same as the old one? Consistency is one of the keys to good golf… consistency in the swing and consistency in equipment. One of the big selling features of the Rifle shaft is consistency of flex across a set of shafts. Nanotechnology takes consistency to the next level.

We are starting to get lots of questions about different hybrid shafts. We had a reader send us an email asking about shafts that help hit the ball a bit higher. He currently plays a TaylorMade Rescue Mid TP 14 degree with a S400 shaft. He is hoping to find a new shaft that will hit the ball slightly higher than what he is seeing right now. The first shaft that comes to my mind is the Aldila NVS Hybrid. This is a great shaft… it feels a lot like the Aldila NV but it hits the ball higher. This shaft is available in 85 gram and 105 gram options. Most golfers are better off going with a high launch shaft in their hybrid clubs. A hybrid club is designed to hit the ball high… why would an average golfer want to shaft a hybrid with something that lowers ball flight? My advice to most average golfers (although I am pretty sure this email was from a pretty good player)… use your hybrid as a “control” club. Use it on tight fairways, long par fives and for getting out of trouble. Don’t try to “bomb” a hybrid and don’t shaft a hybrid based on what you do (or think you do) with your driver. Hope this helps… thanks for the email!

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