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Hello everyone… hope everyone is having a great day. Thought I would write a quick update while I wait for my pizza to come… I should really eat healthier but pizza is just so good! My goal is to be done writing by the time the pizza guy gets here… it’s suppose to be 30 minutes so we will see how I do.

TaylorMade has introduced the Monza Corza putter… a.k.a. “the putter with the movable weights and the grooves on the face”. I had a guy at work call it that today but Monza Corza is so much easier to say. So let’s break down the technology behind the Corza and make it easier to understand….

– AGSI – Anti-skid Goove System Insert. Basically… the insert is soft and this allows for the putter face to compress more when it is hit. The more the putter face compresses, the longer the ball is allowed to stay on the grooves. More time on the grooves means more forwardspin. More forwardspin means less skid. And less skid means straighter putts. Grooves on a putter aren’t really that new. The grooves on the insert of a putter are what makes the Corza unique.

– Moveable Weights – This allows the golfer to customize the overall headweight of the putter. Some golfers like a light putter… insert the 2 gram weights for a total of 4 grams. Some golfers like a heavy putter… insert the 14 gram weights for a total of 28 grams. I like this feature because it will allow golfers to change their putter weight based on where they play. Most golfers don’t have the luxury of playing the same course (with the same greens) all the time. One course has fast greens while the next course has slow greens. Add some weight to the putter when you play on slow greens and it will help a lot!

There will be three versions of the Monza Corza; we will see the Corza in June and the Corza Center (center shaft) along with the Corza 1 (”L” neck) in the fall. Sounds like TaylorMade has a winner here!

Thanks to one of our readers who pointed out that GolfSmith is now taking pre-orders for the new Callaway Big Bertha Titanium fairway wood. This club has really flown under the radar… most people were focused on the new Fusion fairway woods. The Big Bertha Titanium fairway woods will retail at about $250 U.S. I will do some digging and I will see what else I can come up with here. These should replace the Great Big Bertha II fairway woods and they will give Callaway a fairly well rounded fairway wood family. I’m curious to see what happens to this new club. Is it a temporary fix until next spring when Callaway will bring out a new titanium driver and fairway woods or is the Big Bertha Titanium fairway here to stay for a while? Only time will tell I guess.

Nakashima Golf is set to introduce the new NP-1 460CC driver. The 460CC version is basically a spin-off of their other NP-1 drivers. I have said it before and I will say it again… Nakashima Golf makes great stuff! Check them out at

SirPuttsAlot mentioned a company the other day that custom builds high quality forged irons. I thought I would mention another company that makes high end custom putters. Check out In my opinion, Tom Slighter is one of the best putter manufacturers on the planet. His quality is amazing… browse through some of his putters under the “Custom Putters” section. My favorite is on page 4… “the first prototype Olympia Center shaft putter”. Interested in a custom made putter? Drop Tom a line… I have heard that he is a really, really nice guy too.

Well I think that’s it for today. In case you were keeping score… the pizza guy won… he arrived while I was typing the “Moveable Weights” part. I guess I’d better type faster next time. A few notes from us at …. watch for the “24 in 24″ golf club reviews special on Monday, May 30th. We are working hard to finish up all the reviews. This should be an exciting day for the site! We also want to thank everyone for all the nice emails. This is our busy time in the golf business and it’s your emails that keep us going! I’m off… I should probably enjoy some of that pizza before it gets cold!

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