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I thought I would answer a few emails while I am sitting here watching the golf this afternoon.First email is aking about what we as salespeople think of customers that try out too many clubs and hit too many balls. I had talked a bit last week about people that come into my store and don’t ask any questions. I don’t mind if people come in and want to try a bunch of clubs… that’s why we have demo clubs and hitting areas. I don’t like people that just want to hit balls for the sake of hitting balls. Go to the range… that’s why they build them. I can usually tell if someone is serious about a set or if they are just hitting clubs to waste time. I put food on my table by selling golf equipment… not by watching someone hack away at a club and tell me how good they are. Leave the demo clubs for those that want to buy. If you are serious about buying but feel more comfortable hitting a lot of balls… that’s ok. Hit away!

A few updates on new clubs. We get all sorts of email regarding new golf clubs and when they should be coming to stores. It’s pretty quiet on the Titleist 735 iron front… Titleist is really hush hush about all of their new stuff. The most recent news I have heard and read puts the Titleist 735 release date in July or August. Next up… the new Ping hybrid club. This club has just hit the Tour so don’t expect to see it soon. Sounds like the fall. Ping should have a new titanium fairway wood out as early as next month though. Expect the new Callaway Fusion driver, Fusion fairway woods, Big Bertha Titanium fairway woods and HX Tour 56 ball next month. Let’s see… I mentioned the new Nakashima NP-1 460CC driver the other day and I think we’ve mentioned all the new TaylorMade products for next month. We will keep updating you as new information becomes available!

I had someone ask about the True Temper TX 90 shafts. They play like steel but are almost as light as graphite. Our reader currently plays TX 90 shafts in his irons but is curious about what a heavier shaft might do for his game. I use the “play the lightest shaft that you can handle and control” method. If a golfer uses a shaft that is too heavy, it will be difficult to maximize swing speed. If a golfer uses a shaft that is too light, they may a difficult time controling how it falls down the swing plain. Shaft weight also changes how the club feels. A heavy shaft makes the head feel lighter and vice versa. If I have a customer that comes in and talks about how they like a “head heavy” club, I’ll have them look at a club with a very light shaft… not because the head is heavier but because the light shaft makes the head seem heavier. Experiment with different shafts and different shaft weights… find what works best for you and go for it. Most people will gravitate towards a lighter shaft but to each his own! Thanks for the email.

Another shaft question… and we get a lot of shaft questions! This one concerning the stock shaft in the Mizuno MP-001 driver… the Exsar 60 graphite shaft. I won’t lie… I don’t like the Exsar shaft and neither do my customers. There are much better shaft choices out there. Mizuno offers lots of different custom options and they are worth a look. Want a shaft that has similar characteristics to the Exsar 60 but it a lot better? Invest in the Aldila NVS or the UST HTD CB-65. Spend a bit more money now and enjoy your driver for years to come!

And before I finish up for this afternoon… a few odds and ends. We have added a new link in our “Links” section. Check out … a great website for anyone interested in golf exercise and golf fitness. I say we order some stuff for SirPuttsAlot to help him with his bad shoulder… I need him to get back on the course so I can win some money! Get well soon SirPutts! I’m off to enjoy my Sunday… don’t be surprised if you hear from me later on tonight though!

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