Reshafting The Titleist 905 Driver

Sorry I didn’t post anything last night but I decided to take a night off… something that I don’t do very often! SirPuttsAlot personally replied to some emails though so I guess we did get some stuff done. Let’s answer a few emails…

First email comes from a reader wondering if there is any collector value in an old set of Ping knock off irons. I don’t think I have ever seen a clone sell for a decent price to a collector… they just aren’t worth anything. Most knock off clubs end up in garage sales or in the “cheapo bin” at your local shop. I often tell my customers to take old knock offs to a place that gives out second hand sports equipment to kids… they are worth a lot to a kid that can’t afford them!

The reader also asks about smaller golf shops and their ability to order equipment. He has found that most of his small, local shops don’t carry all the brands that he is after and he is wondering if they can order stuff for him. It really depends on the shop… they may have an “in” with a rep or may be open with a company they don’t stock but it all depends on the store. Check with the folks at the shop but make sure you get the equipment that you want… don’t just settle for something else. Thanks for the email!

An email from a regular reader talking about his new Titleist 905T. The 905 features an aluminum hosel which makes it more difficult to switch shafts. Titleist wants it’s customers to send the club back for reshafting so it will be done correctly. Our reader took it to his local club maker and he had no trouble taking out the old shaft and putting in a new one. It voids the warranty but that’s the risk you take to get it done quickly. There have been other companies that have done similar things… and it makes it tough on customers and shop staff. We have a club guy that does work for us. He’s fast, he’s cheap and he is good at what he does. A customer breaks a club… our club maker has it back to us in a few days. We send a club to the company for a repair… the customer is without it for weeks on end. It’s a tricky situation… a company creates a new technology but only they have the people that know how it all works. They will do the warranty work but it will take some time. Think about things like this before buying… it might save you a few headaches down the road!

A quick email regarding the difference in forgiveness between the Ping S59 and the Ping I3+ Blade. These are close… many of the Ping players I have talked to actually say the S59’s are easier to hit. In my opinion, the S59 is a way better iron too! You may want to consider a hybrid over the 3 and 4 irons though. Speaking of Ping… no new news on either the Ping hybrid or the new Ping irons.

A few quick notes before I call it a day. will be live from the Las Vegas PGA Fall Expo this year. A quick note on the dates… it has been switched to September 28th and 29th. Drop us a line if you will be in Vegas during those dates and we can play some golf! True Temper were the shafts of choice on the weekend too. They were used by the winners of the EDS Byron Nelson (PGA), Rheem Classic (Nationwide), Blue Angels Classic (Champions) and the British Masters (European). Not a bad weekend!

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