New Golf Clubs Mean Stronger Lofts

Hello again everyone! Welcome to another day of ranting, raving and a bit of golf info on the side! A big hello to everyone over at and of course to our many loyal readers around the world. Lots to talk about today so let’s get to it…

I had someone in my shop today that was just totally lost. He wanted to buy some Callaway woods but was really confused about what they offer… his buddies have been telling him one thing, the Callaway website says something else, staff at other stores tell him something totally different… so what’s the deal with Callaway woods? Callaway currently has one driver in it’s line… the Big Bertha 454. Yes there is a new Fusion coming but Callaway told me today that we won’t see it for at least another month. They are trying to get caught up with all of their backorders before bringing out something new. The Big Bertha fairway wood is the only “current” club in the fairway department… with a Fusion fairway and Big Bertha Titanium fairway on the horizon here. The Big Bertha Titanium fairway is a strange one… Callaway keeps telling me that it doesn’t exist yet Golfsmith is taking pre-orders for it… makes perfect sense to me! Callaway should have a good wood line going into the fall.

Staying with Callaway… well Odyssey actually… their putters helped win five of the six professional tournaments last weekend. The 2-Ball putter won on the Nationwide Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA Tour and the European Tour while Kenny Perry used a Rossie to win on the PGA Tour. Good job kickin’ it old school Kenny! Wow… I’ve wanted to talk like that on here for a long time…

We had a reader email us about the Wilson Di5 irons and how their lofts are all fairly strong. This is a pretty common trend amongst the big manufacturers today… make an iron a few degrees stronger and people will think it hits the ball longer. “Wow… look how far I hit my 5 iron! That’s at least 15 yards longer than my old set”. Yep… that’s because your new 5 iron has about as much loft as your old 4 iron. Should we worry? No. Just make sure you know all of your lofts when adding a hybrid or an extra wedge! Don’t assume the lofts are the same as your old clubs. Thanks for the email.

More questions about the Titleist 735 irons. I wish someone would just give us a solid release date on these things already! Someone might want to let the folks at Titleist know that it is almost June and some of us can only play until September! I have had a few people ask about them at work but overall demand at a retail level has been low. They will be a forged stainless… just like the 704 and 804 and there have been rumors about a chromed version although I haven’t heard much about that lately. It should be geared towards the lower handicap but a combo set also appeals to higher handicappers that strike the ball well. Sounds like an August release although that seems to change from week to week. What a dumb time to release a club… just in time for the snow! I’ll pass on anything else that I hear.

Another email asking about the Hogan CFT hybrids and how they compare to other hybrids out there. I’m a good guy to ask… I play the CFT #2 so I know a thing or two about it. To be honest with you… if I were buying a new hybrid today, I don’t think the Hogan would top my list. It’s ok but I would much rather play the Cleveland HALO or the Callaway Heavenwood. I just don’t like the feel of the CFT… it feels dead when you hit it and I feel that I have to really muscle it to get the ball going. Playability is good with the Hogan (that’s why I own it) and I can do pretty much anything with it. Forgiveness is ok… not as forgiving as the Cleveland or Callaway though. My advice… go hit them all and form your own opinions. The majority of my customers lean towards the Callaway, Cleveland or TaylorMade but it’s all up to you in the end!

We had an email asking for a comparison between the Big Bertha fairway woods and the Cobra SZ fairway woods… these are close! Our reader was asking for a comparison in regards to ball flight and ease of use. They both hit the ball high and both are very forgiving. They sell just about the same in my shop and they retail at about the same price. Even the stock shaft offerings are about the same (Cobra calls the steel shaft version special order but it’s easy to get). Talk about comparing apples to apples! Some customers like that the Cobra is offered in an offset head and a straight head. You will notice that the straight head is deeper than the offset head… keep that in mind if you plan on using the fairway wood off the tee. Try them both and you will see just how close they really are. Thanks for the email!

That about does it for today. Thanks for all the emails and kind words. Keep sending in the emails and we will keep pumping out the answers.

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