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Wow… we’ve been busy boys today! We are busy working on golf club reviews for Monday… the 1st Annual SirShanksAlot 24 in 24! I’ll give you a quick outline of how it will all go down. Starting at midnight EST on Monday, we will be posting one golf club review every hour. Yep… that means you’ll have lots to read! Tell all your friends, tell your neighbours, tell everyone at work… will be the place to be on Monday! We get a ton of positive email about our honest, non-biased golf club reviews and we are working really hard to get them done. So what 24 clubs are we reviewing? Like I’d tell you… it’s only a few days away! Why ruin the surprise? Let’s get to some news and emails!

SirShanksAlot’s 2005 Golf Company of The Year, Innovex Golf, might soon be in a store near you. Innovex is teaming up with a few select retailers and will make their clubs available at a retail level soon. It’s a great move if you ask me… they need to get their quality equipment in the hands of consumers! Retailers like this idea because there is no need for them to carry any stock. Innovex will send the select retailers an assortment of demos and then they can order clubs as they need them. Sounds like a great idea to me! I’ll let you know more about the select retailers when I hear more. On a related note… the Innovex driver should be available in August. No word if my “SirShanksAlot Long Bomb Hammer” title has been picked as the club’s new name. I’m guessing not!

We had a reader write in and mention that he recently purchased some Nicklaus clubs. He is having a hard time finding information and reviews on them. We haven’t reviewed any Nicklaus stuff although a few of their clubs did make our old Great Club Comparisons. My shop doesn’t sell Nicklaus so I made a call to a good friend of mine that does. He says the company makes some decent stuff (he singled out the DNA driver and the IronMax Progressive irons as two of their better offerings) and they are a good price point club. A good price point club is a club that carries a somewhat familiar name and sells at a good price… usually lower than most of it’s competitors. He says he gets pretty good reviews from his customers and their customer service is average to above average. Nicklaus is a tricky one for us in my neck of the woods because the line is big in some of the sports mega stores. We really try not to compete with these stores because their buying power is so great… they can get stuff cheaper than us and sell it for cheaper. We get the odd request for them but it’s not really huge. Hope this helps a bit and good luck with your new clubs!

Before I forget… I’d better update the backorder watch! Two new ones for you… sounds like Callaway Golf is out of right handed Big Bertha 454 10 degree heads and Nancy Lopez is having a tough time keeping a lot of their Ashley clubs (especially the combo set) in stock. If you’re waiting for these clubs… sorry about your luck but both companies are trying hard to fill orders as they get shipments. I’ll pass any more backorders along as I come across them!

Let’s talk about Bridgestone equipment! Bridgestone has some great stuff this year but I have a lot of people complaining that it is too hard to find. I talked to a few of my industry friends about Bridgestone and the same two comments kept popping up when I asked about stock. Most of the guys mentioned that it was very hard to get… a lot of the most popular items are backordered. They also mentioned that some of their shops didn’t go heavy on it because it was new and they didn’t know how it would sell. Makes sense to me… why go heavy on a new name when you can invest your money in stuff that will sell for sure? It’s not that the company is new… Bridgestone (Precept) has been around for a while but the name change might take a year or so to sink in with many consumers. I expect Bridgestone sales to pick up next year as they start catching up on orders and the name becomes a bit more familiar to the public. The quality equipment is there… they just need to get it out there! I’ll see about getting a Bridgestone review or two in there for Monday but I can’t promise anything.

Well… back to writing reviews! Thanks for stopping by today and thanks to everyone that has said “Hi” to me over at . Feel free to drop me a line… I’d like to see how many of our readers have joined! Talk to you all tomorrow!

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