Orlando PGA Show – Wilson Debuts New Golf Ball

Compression seems to be a hot word right now and Wilson Golf is about to change the way people look at a low compression golf ball. The company’s new Fifty ball has taken compression to a new low.

When people think “low compression” they think 70ish. Wilson has found a way to make a ball that has an extremely low compression (50) perform just as well as a performance ball with a much harder core.

Essentially… compression is a measure of how much a ball “gives” when hit. The core of the ball is like the engine in a car… it makes everything work. Wilson’s testing also showed that the cover can play an important part in distance when hit by certain people. The company discovered that the ball’s core is what makes the ball work when it is hit by someone with a high swing speed and the ball’s cover is what makes the ball work when it is hit by someone with a lower swing speed.

Don’t let the “low compression” name fool you… this is a performance golf ball. Wilson has done their homework here and I will be very interested in some reader and customer feedback once the ball has been released. Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’ll post some feedback once we get it!

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