5 Tips for Planning Your Next Palm Springs Golf Trip

The summer comes to an end and the excitement begins in Palm Spring, California. With the hot temperatures starting to subside after September, the town comes to life with tourists and golfers from every corner of the continent. Snowbirds are some of the most common travellers to this area, as we have a ton of fantastic golf courses around the city and temperatures are perfect for some time in the sun out on the links. Who can blame them really? It’s very beautiful out here… and as the snow starts flying up north, we start looking sweeter and sweeter in the eyes of golfers everywhere anxiously looking to escape their white prison. For those who are looking for a golf vacation, here’s some tips for travelling down to Palm Springs.

1) Palm Springs has multiple seasons just like any other destination, so knowing these beforehand will save you time, money and help you pack the right clothing. The cheapest time to travel for a Palm Springs Golf Vacation would be from June – September as the summer brings with it a ton of heat and the reduction of golf rates and hotels in the area. If you’re smart, we’d recommend sticking to the begin and end of this time period to make the most of the slightly more temperate conditions. The months of October through December is the shoulder seasons where rates start to increase but are still cheaper than the main season. The main season is from January through March and the prices will be at their peak before coming down again in April and May. Plan your trip accordingly to your heat tolerance… and budget by using this as a guide.

2) Overseeding is a process where each golf course will shut down for a period of two weeks to prepare for the winter season. They will scalp the Bermuda grass on the golf course so that they can plant the winter rye which will take over once the temperatures get a little cooler. This is a time where snowbirds would not want to play a course either right before or after a course has opened from overseeding. The conditions will not be good so a general rule of thumb is to play a course either 10 days before they close or after they reopen to experience good conditions. Most courses will post the details of the overseeding timeframe on their website, or will gladly offer up the information if you call. Be sure to consider this before booking your trip.

3) Palm Springs is a fantastic destination for any golf group due to the fact that the golf courses are all very close to excellent lodging options. Like many golf destination,  this allows you and your golfing buddies many options when it comes to stay and play packages.  While there are courses available all around the area, some of the best are right nearby, which means more golf… and less travel time. If need be you can also change resorts to try a different set of courses that are right next door.

4.) Do your research. Every golf trip is different, often golf vacation planners can customize trips to courses and rates you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. On the same token, if you are planning a haphazard trip, or want some time off the course to explore and indulge in other activities, you may want to look into booking your trip yourself so you can have the additional flexibility of an unplanned/unscheduled trip. Google Flights and other travel sites can take care of the flight and accommodations for you (so your bases are covered), but talk to golf vacation planners as well. Golf vacation planners can also make your arrangements, and you may be surprised what they find, and how flexible they can be for such trips.

5.) It’s not just golf. Palm Springs has plenty to offer beyond golf. We have fantastic culture, events, restaurants and things to do and explore in and around the city. Take some time to research the area, and find some off-course activities to enjoy and food to indulge in. You may want to even have a peak at local deal websites, like TravelZoo or Groupon for additional deals and things to do on your vacation.

Come see why Palm Springs is one of the most requested winter golf destinations in the USA. You won’t want to miss it!

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