Breaking News – Nike Buys Callaway Golf

Remember way back in December when SirPuttsAlot and I made our predictions for 2005? I thought that Nike would buy Callaway Golf… and I was right. Numerous websites are reporting that Nike has acquired Callaway Golf along with all of it’s subsidiaries (Hogan, Top Flite). Neither company is saying much right now but a news conference is expected this afternoon. A press release was issued by Nike at 2:35AM Eastern but it doesn’t really go into too much detail about the deal.

So what does this mean for the average golfer? I don’t know yet. One would think that Nike would stop making golf clubs and let the folks at Callaway look after that. It was so weird the other day because I saw a picture of a Callaway Ignite 440 driver and just assumed it was a fake. This driver may have been an early prototype from the new company. One would assume that more Nike/Callaway products will follow… the HX ONE ball, Big Bertha Slingshot irons and probably even a X-Tour Pro Combo. The Nike name is very strong in the footwear and apparel areas while Callaway is a huge name in golf equipment. This deal has create an incredibly strong golf company.

What does this mean for all the Callaway and Nike players on the major golf tours? One would expect that this will mean the end of Tiger Woods with Nike Golf… there is only so much money to go around and Nike just dropped a ton of it on this deal. Rumor has it that Tiger will jump ship to TaylorMade Golf and play their new TaylorMade RAC TW… a forged blade with a stain finish. I will do some digging and see what else may be in Tiger’s new TaylorMade bag. I am thinking that TaylorMade will make anything that Tiger wants! Phil Mickelson should be staying put and expect him to be the face of the company. The press release from Nike also mentions that an equipment deal with Michelle Wie is now in place too. Wow… Wie and Sorenstam under the same banner!

What does this mean for retailers like myself? I hope it means better customer service. Callaway is one of the best when it comes to customer service and I hope the people at Nike Golf will learn a thing or two. This also means that Callaway will relocate their head offices to Beaverton, Oregon (the current home of Nike). This doesn’t really change anything for the retailer but it just seems strange to think that Callaway won’t be in Carlsbad anymore!

I will keep digging for news concerning this breaking story. I have taken the day off work and will be making hourly updates so stay tuned! This could be the biggest golf news story of the year.

That’s it for today I think… I haven’t really had time to look for other news or respond to emails. I should probably congratulate SirPuttsAlot for something non-golf related though. SirPuttsAlot won a local lawn darts tournament over the weekend and is now off to New Mexico to represent our area in the Shell World Lawn Darts Championship. Congrats SirPuttsAlot… I know you have been working hard for this!

Oh ya… Happy April Fools Day. No Nike isn’t buying Callaway. No Tiger isn’t going to TaylorMade and no SirPuttsAlot doesn’t play lawn darts (I don’t think anyways)! Hope you all have a great day and watch for some REAL News and Rumors tonight!

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