And Now For Some REAL News

Ok, ok, ok… so yesterday’s News and Rumors were far from the truth… but it was April Fools Day! I guess I will have to make it up to you today.

First up… SirPuttsAlot has a new Rant and he makes some predictions for next weekend’s Masters. I will make some predictions too but will wait until next week.

I had someone ask about the new Callaway Fusion driver. Here’s what I know… there are at least 2 versions of this club on Tour right now… the FT-2 and FT-3. These new clubs are bigger (I believe that the FT-2 is around 420CC and the FT-3 is more like 460CC) but are made from the same materials as the current Fusion. The different names represent different weight set ups… I don’t know exactly which is which but I will find out. We should see at least one of these around U.S. Open time (probably the FT-3) and the other one in the fall… if we ever see it. Watch for a new Fusion fairway wood in June too.

Another reader asking about the new Tommy Armour Morph irons. I hit these a while ago and I just wasn’t very impressed. They are not like the Tommy Armour clubs of old… I’d rather play my old Silver Scots over these. Remember the Evo irons that Tommy Armour came out with a few years ago? Consider the Morph to be a poor man’s Evo. Come on Tommy Armour… you can do better than this! Thanks for the email!

An email asking my opinions on the Cleveland Launcher COMP driver. I love this driver and the majority of my customers do too. It is the first Cleveland driver that I actually get people coming in and asking for. Cleveland used to be “the wedge guys” but they are rounding out into a full feature club company. The COMP also came down a bit in price lately… something Cleveland had to do to stay competitive with the other companies. The COMP looks good (considering it’s 460CC size), feels great and has some pretty decent stock shaft options. The shaft of choice for my customers has been the Grafalloy. Try the Cleveland COMP!

Well that’s it for today. Thanks for checking out the site and for coming back after yesterday’s “news”! There are a few more emails that need answers so I will take care of that soon. The new site is coming along and expect to see it within the next 10 days. Have a great weekend!

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