How Do You Forget Your Golf Clubs?

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! A few notes from Augusta… you have probably heard all these already but I will write them anyways..

– John Daly will be sporting a new sponsor this week. Daly recently signed with Hooters Restaurants and will display their logo on his golf bag and his shirt. Somehow this is just a perfect fit for John…

– Fanny is back! Fanny Sunneson… the former female caddy for Nick Faldo is back on the bag this week. She is filling in for Ian Poulter’s caddy.

– How do you forget to take your golf clubs to the Masters? Jesper Parnevik managed to do just this. After realizing his mistake, Jesper made a quick call to Tiger Woods who drove by the Parnevik home in Florida and picked up the clubs. Call it even for the whole “I stole your nanny and made her my wife” thing…

– Retief Goosen blasted his new TaylorMade RAC TP irons in a Masters news conference today. Retief blamed his irons for some of his recent inconsistency. Goosen has since switched back to his old TaylorMade irons. Nothing like some great advertising! Haha..

We also had some great emails so let’s answer some of those too. We had a reader ask about the best carry bags right now. Here are my favorites…

– Sun Mountain 3.5 – Just a very well made bag, decent price, good features, enough room for the essentials. I like Sun Mountain because they make a great product and have a good warranty policy.

– Ping Hoofer Extreme, or any Hoofer for that matter – This bag will cost you some big bucks but it is worth it. They are not the lightest bags out there but they are very well built.

– Ogio Grom – All of the golf bags that Ogio makes are good but this one is my favorite. It is a good balance of features and weight. Ogio bags are built like tanks.

– Titleist X58 – Hmmm… that sure looks like a Sun Mountain! Oh wait… it is! A slightly different Sun Mountain bag designed for Titleist. Great bag, higher price because of the Titleist name but it is worth a look.

– Izzo Spirit – Izzo makes some great stuff (even though our reader said that he was not happy with his). The Spirit is a basically Izzo’s version of the Sun Mountain 3.5.

And one more email. Nope… no more info on the bigger version of the TaylorMade R7 Quad. I will let you know anything that I hear!

I think that’s it for today… hope everyone has a great day and we will talk to you very soon!

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