Orlando PGA Show – Nakashima Impresses

Up until this year’s PGA Show I think it’s safe to say that our experience with Nakashima Golf products was pretty limited. Let’s face it… these products aren’t available at every shop and the name isn’t one that many people recognize. We get some very positive reader feedback in regards to Nakashima and both SirPutts and I have hit their products in the past… but overall I would say that it really isn’t a household name…yet.

Nakashima is very much a “quality not quantity” type of operation. They’re the kind of company that has no problem in rejecting equipment that doesn’t meet their high standards. They strive to have all of their clubs fitted by some of the top clubmakers in the world and it doesn’t sound like they intend on entering the “big box” market anytime soon.

The company had their full line at the show and I think the club that stood out most is their Htec driver. We’re starting to see more and more fitting systems that offered interchangeable shafts and heads. These systems are great because they allow golfers to test the full range of shaft/head combinations before deciding on which one fits them the best. Normally the fitter orders a club to spec and the finished product arrives at the shop shortly thereafter. The technology in the Htec allows the golfer to take the decided upon combination home… meaning they can purchase the actual club they used in the fitting. The shaft/head assembly used in this club conforms to USGA standards and the club is legal for use. A very cool idea…

We’ll talk more about Nakashima in the future. The company is starting to assemble a solid line of equipment (their forged irons are some of the nicest around) and most mid to low handicappers should be able to find something that works for them. No Nakashima putters as of yet although there has been some talk of a limited edition release in the future. We’ll keep you updated!

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