I Hit It 300 Yards But I Want More Distance

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today has been our busiest day ever and we thank you for all your support! Let’s go to the mailbag and answer some questions.

First question is about the new Nike ONE Platinum golf ball. If you haven’t seen this ball yet… well no wait… you probably have by now. The Nike ONE Platinum was the golf ball teetering on the edge of the 16th hole on Sunday and the Masters. It is the ball that Tiger Woods plays and has been playing for a while now. The ONE Platinum provides lower spin off the tee but plenty of spin off short irons… kind of like the Pro V1x. Watch for the ONE Platinum next month.

Speaking of Nike Golf… the company won the iron count at the Masters. Impressive… a relatively young golf company winning the iron count at a Major. So how did they do it? Rumor has it that they offered $20 000 to anyone that wanted to play their irons for the week. Most of the older past champions took Nike up on their offer… guys like Billy Casper. A different way to win the iron count but a win nevertheless.

There really isn’t much news today… I think most golfers are still suffering a bit of a Masters hangover. I guess now would be a good time to rant a bit about something I hear everyday. It has to do with the magical 300 yard mark. Everyday I hear customers telling me how they average around 300 yards per drive but they want to keep up to their golfing buddy that hits it 320. Obviously I’m not going to argue with the customer but there is a really, really, really good chance that they don’t hit it anywhere near 300 yards. Let’s look at some stats from the PGA Tour. The leader in driving distance on the PGA Tour right now is Scott Hend. He has averaged 310.6 yards on 34 drives this year. There are only 4 golfers on the PGA Tour that have an average of over 300 yards… Hend, Brett Wetterich, Tiger Woods and Hank Kuehne. David Mobley won the 2004 Re/Max World Long Drive Championship with a drive of 377 yards. I guess I’m saying that just because your next driving range ball rolls past the 250 yard sign , it doesn’t mean that it now qualifies as a 300 yard drive. Last time I checked there was still 50 yards between the 250 yard sign and the 300 yard one. And to any of our readers that actually can hit the ball 300 yards… I’m sorry you had to read my little rant! Wow… I feel so much better!

Well not much today but it’s better than not updating at all! It gives me some more time to finish up the new site. We are basically in the “making it pretty” stage now so it won’t be much longer. We also have some new material for the new site… SirPuttsAlot just sent me a Stewart Cink Bio and a review of the Ben Hogan C-S3. I have some new Cobra iron reviews too. Have a great day and we will see you tomorrow!

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