Bending Callaway Irons

Hello again… just a few quick odds and ends today because someone had a really, really long day! I’ll answer a few emails but some of the ones we got today are tough… they will need a bit more looking into!

The first email is about driver head weights. Our reader asks about the weight of a driver head and how it can affect a swing. To be honest with you, most companies won’t give out the weight of one of their driver heads. They will give you the weight of the shaft but don’t give out the head weight for counterfeit reasons. How do I know? I called Callaway, TaylorMade and Cobra today and played “dumb salesperson”. None of these companies wanted to give me the information I was after. It really isn’t that hard to find… take the shaft out of the driver and weigh the head. So what will head weight do to a swing? The jury is out on that one. Some say a heavier driver is better because a heavy head will gather momentum on the downswing and increase swing speed. Others say that you should have the lightest head possible because it will be easier to swing. Others say you should add weight under the grip of a driver to counter balance the shaft and allow the driver to swing through the impact zone easier. Who knows. I tell most customers to take a driver as is. They put a lot of technology and thought into today’s clubs and most “stock” set ups are more than adequate for the average player.

We had a good email from someone talking about a while bunch of things. I will answer this email in parts… part one. Yes… Callaway irons are tough to bend. The bore through hosel makes it tough and it is best if you get Callaway to do it. If you take them to your local club guy, he can’t guarantee that they will get done right or that they will come back in one piece. If you break a Callaway club while trying to tweak or bend it… tough luck. Callaway won’t take it back and if they do, you will be paying for it! I will try to answer the rest of your email tomorrow!

Any idea what the most popular graphite wood shaft was at the Masters? If you guess the Grafalloy ProLite… then congrats! Grafalloy is having a good year on Tour… as is Royal Percision and their Project X steel shaft.

Speaking of shafts… we had an email asking about the stock shafts in the Titleist 905 driver. Titleist (like always) has given us a great selection of stock shafts to choose from. Most golfers should be able to find something they like here. I don’t think that you really need to upgrade shafts with the 905. How would I rate the stock shafts for the 905? As a low handicap I would go… Aldila NV (great for a lower ball flight, one of the lowest ball flights that I have seen in a while), Grafalloy Blue (the Blue is just a quality shaft… nothing fancy but it works!), Graphite Design YS-6 (another low ball flight and another decent shaft all around) and then the Titleist Speeder (my customers don’t really like it and neither do I… it’s not a real Speeder). A good golf shop should have these shafts in different drivers so you can try them. They all have then pros and cons so do some research and find the right one for you!

Well that’s it for today… sorry there isn’t more but it was a long day! My hands feel like they are going to fall off. Thanks for all the emails… I will do some research and answer more tomorrow!

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