Clones And The Nike DFI Driver

Let’s talk about clones. We get lots of emails about clones… are they good, are they worth it… that kind of thing. Clones aren’t the real thing with a different name. They may be made in the same factory but that’s about it.They don’t have the same technology as the real thing and they don’t use the same quality materials. It’s like buying a Ferrari body with a lawnmower engine… it looks like a Ferrari but it’s not. There will always be people that want the look of the real thing but don’t want to spend money on the real thing and therefore there will always be a market for clones. Don’t bother with clones… get a mid range brand name or a big name used club. Try a Tommy Armour or a Ram. Look at a company like Innovex Golf… Look for a used brand name from the late 1990’s. There are so many better choices out there. You don’t need to get a second mortgage to get a decent set of clubs… just do your homework and shop around!

A question about Nike blades. We should see a new Nike blade in the late summer/early fall. I don’t have a ton of info on these yet but it looks like there could be another Pro Combo set in the works too. I will let you know more as I get it!

We had question about another Titleist utility club. The Titleist 503i is out on Tour right now. It looks a lot like a Cleveland LDI but it is forged. I don’ t know if this will ever come to retail but I will do some more digging and see what I can find. Titleist might also decide to just expand the 503.H line to satisfy the needs of customers. Thanks for the email!

Speaking of Titleist… I have had a few emails lately about the 735CM irons. These should be out in the next few months. Titleist is really missing the boat this year… they are about 2 months too late on their product releases! You need a buzz around your clubs in the spring. Everyone that came into my shop knew that the Callaway X Tour was coming. There was a lot of hype around the club and hype turns into interest and sales. There isn’t much buzz around any Titleist product right now… with the exception maybe being the Spin Milled wedges.

A question about the Nike DFI driver. The DFI is a driver that is available in Japan and Nike says that they have no immediate plans to release it in North America. The DFI features a composite crown (if I’m not mistaken) and an extremely hot face. Another “not available in North America” product.

I think that’s it for right now. We are slacking right now as we try to finish off the new site. We are gathering up golf club reviews, Rants and Buying Guide information so expect an onslaught of articles soon!

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