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Wow… you don’t understand how much easier it is to update the site now! Enough of that… let’s get down to business. Lots of emails to catch up on…

We had someone ask what Phil Mickelson served at his Masters Tournament Champions Dinner. In case you didn’t know… the winner of the Masters gets to select the menu for the following years Masters Dinner. Phil decided on lobster ravioli in tomato cream sauce this year. There have been some strange menu selections in the past… including hamburgers (Tiger Woods) and haggis (Sandy Lyle). Now I’m hungry…

We get lots of questions about driver shafts. I like how our readers really research shafts… they are so important and usually overlooked. A question today about other shafts with similar characteristics to the Aldila NV… namely the low ball flight. No problem. A lot of my customers like the Penley ETA line… just make sure you have the swing speed for it…. at least 100MPH. The True Temper EI-70 used to be a good shaft for a low ball flight too. It’s not nearly as popular as it used to be though. You may also come across the Aldila One shaft. I have had really mixed reviews with this one. Aldila developed three versions of the One.. a low kick, a mid kick and a high kick. The idea was good… the golfer picked out what type of ball flight they wanted and then picked the appropriate shaft. I spoke to a few people that really disliked the feel of this shaft. My pick would be the Graphite Design YS-7+ shaft… a great choice for someone that has a high swing speed and wants a low ball flight. In the end it is all up to you… try out different shafts. Go to a demo day and try different clubs with various aftermarket shafts. Take time and get it right!

Let’s keep the shaft talk going. A question from a reader asking about the Titleist Speeder shaft in the 905 driver. Don’t get me wrong… this shaft is still a Fujikura but it’s not a true Speeder. If it was… the price of the driver would go up! It is a shaft designed for the 905 by Fujikura. Our reader is looking for a stock shaft that hits the ball a bit higher. Look at the Grafalloy Blue… it might be just what you are looking for! Thanks for the email.

A few people emailing in about the Mizuno MP-27. The Mizuno MP-27 is currently available in Japan but it sounds like we should see this club in North American stores in the fall. It is a great looking iron… very clean, reminds me a bit of the Titleist 990/Cleveland CG2… a “players club” for sure. I will do some more digging and I will see what I can find!

Still no news on the Cleveland CG4 iron. Expect this game improvement iron to come out in the summer. It should somewhat resemble the TA7 iron… basically a game improvement club with a clean look. Speaking of Cleveland… the CG10 wedges are still selling great!

A question about The Beemer… Rich Beem. I like Rich Beem… he’s like having your old college buddy out on Tour. He looks like a really cool guy. One of our readers noticed that he is no longer listed on the Callaway website. As far as I know, Rich Beem is still with Callaway Golf. He had a Callaway bag and hat at the Masters. Maybe they just forgot about him… I know many fans have!

Lots of positive email in regards to the new site. I’m glad you like it! We had someone ask about the banner picture at the top. I won’t lie… I have no idea where it is from. We found it on the net and it is probably just a temporary fix until we take a new one. Thanks to our reader for the email though… and yes… you can be “SirDrinksBeerAlot” if you want! There… I just knighted you! Have a great day everyone.

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