Cleveland CG4 Irons To Ship June 1

Cleveland Golf has officially introduced the new CG4 iron. The CG4 is made from CMM metal.. the same material used in the current CG1 and CG2 irons. They also feature a wide sole and a deep cavity. The CG4’s will begin shipping on June 1st and will retail at about $864 U.S steel and $1000 U.S. graphite. I will get in touch with my Cleveland guy and get some more information… including the new password to the Cleveland media site! We had a reader hit the CG4 yesterday at a demo day. He mentioned that the top line was similar to the TA7 and the cavity was quite deep. Thanks for the email!

Some news from our 2005 Golf Company Of The Year… Innovex Golf. Innovex has announced that they will now sell their club heads by themselves. This opens up lots of new doors for the company. Now clubmakers can order them and custom build a set for a customer. Prices are decent too… $74.95 for a fairway wood head, $39.95 for a hybrid head and $21.50 for each iron or wedge head (U.S. pricing). Check out for more details!

That’s it for today… I mean it IS Friday! You might notice that we have added a few Google ads to the site. We wanted to put a few ads onto the site to cover the costs of hosting. You might see another ad or two but we don’t want to ruin the look of the site. I will promise you this though… you will NEVER see pop up ads on the site… they are really annoying!! Thanks for all your support and emails… now get out and do something tonight… it’s Friday!

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