New TaylorMade Clubs

We get lots of emails from readers asking about new products from TaylorMade. I thought I would write a quick update on rumored new products and their expected release dates…

TaylorMade R7 Fairway – retail model will have removable weights and will be made of titanium. Sounds like it will be expensive… no big surprise there. It has only been out on Tour for a few weeks so expect to see it mid-late summer or so. Sounds like this will not replace anything but will be an addition to the line. This should mean the prices on the current R5 fairway woods should go down.

New TaylorMade Rescue Mid – retail model should have two weight ports (sounds like they will be removable). Haven’t heard if it is out on Tour yet so expect it late summer. This should replace the current Rescue Mid. TaylorMade dropped the prices of the Mid a few months back and discontinued the Rescue Fairway to make room for this new club.

TaylorMade V Steel II – Should be the next stainless steel fairway wood for the company. Rumor has it that the new V Steel will have a slightly deeper face. Don’t know a lot about this club but my TaylorMade guy says the company has enough stock of the current V Steel to get through the summer so don’t expect to see it until fall.

TaylorMade R9 – No idea if that will even be the name but it sounds good doesn’t it? TaylorMade says that it is keeping the current R7 and R7 HT in line through the summer so a new driver won’t be around until the fall. The new driver should be bigger (closer to 460CC) and it should still have the weight ports. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of composite top too.

There are also all sorts of TaylorMade clubs in Japan that North America will probably never see. If I was going to guess one that we might see… it would probably be some sort of driving iron/high lift iron… like a modified CGB 2 iron.

While we are talking about new clubs… expect to see a new Nike Ignite driver in the fall too. I don’t have a lot of details on this club but I have talked to a few people that have mentioned it. I will see what I can find! The Nike Ignite DFI from Japan might be a sneak peak of the new North American one…

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