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Born: April 28, 1978

Height: 6′1″

Weight: 210 lbs.

Handicap: 5


Golf was one of the many sports that I played when I was a kid but it is one of the few that I still play today. I started playing golf when I was about 5 years old. My Dad got me into it at a pretty early age and my first clubs were an old set that belonged to my Mom. I played all through grade school and then played on my high school team. Golf was something that I did for fun… I never thought that I would make a living at it.

My first real job was at a golf course about a half an hour from my house. I had originally applied to work in the kitchen because I wanted to be a cook when I grew up (I was 16 at the time). They didn’t have any room in the kitchen so I agreed to work in the pro shop for the time being. I played lots of golf that summer and learned a lot from some of the older guys. The pro shop turned out to be the perfect place for me. I ended up going back to work in the pro shop for the next two summers.

I eventually left the golf course and took a job at a golf retail store while I went to college. I took Golf Management in school and met a ton of cool people. We had a lot of fun in college and I still talk to many of the guys today. It was a great way to meet other golf industry people and learn how they did things back at their golf courses. I stayed on at the retail store for another year after but I really missed working at a golf course.

I sat down and wrote to a bunch of really high end resort courses… I wanted to work with the best people out there. I got a job at one of the best golf resorts in the country. The job was demanding… but it was really fun at the same time. I learned all about high level customer service. I won’t lie… I was glad when that summer was over… it was a lot of work but it makes my resume look really good!

Getting bored yet? Then it was back to golf retail… this time at a big box retail store. It was different… it was too hard to provide good service because there were so many customers! I learned a lot about golf equipment though… and I also met SirPuttsAlot! That makes it all worth while.

Back to school… picked up a university degree while I was at it. That summer I worked at a small 9 hole course for one of my friends. I learned a lot and got to do all sorts of jobs outside of the pro shop… food and beverage, running a junior program and helping with tournaments. It was a great time.

And that brings me to today… I took a job at a small golf store and have been here ever since. It is the first golf job that actually pays like a real job! I have learned a lot about the business side of a golf shop… buying, margins and staffing. I also started a website too… you should check it out sometime!


I don’t really hit the ball a long ways and I rely a lot on solid iron shots to score. I’d like to think that I have a decent iron game but I know that a bit more distance would help!

I have stuck with the same driver for over five years now. I bought my Ping ISI driver (RUS setup) from a local golf pro and I really like it. It has 8.5 degrees of loft and has the stock Ping 350 Series “S” shaft in it. I hit it really well but I know that I can get some extra yardage with a new driver. I have a Callaway Big Bertha 454 on order and will let you know when I get it!

I have always been a fan of Callaway fairway woods. I have a Callaway Warbird 3 wood with a Dynamic Gold “S” and a Callaway Steelhead 5 wood with a Dynamic Gold “S”. I love both of these clubs. The ball flight is pretty high but I can control them really well. I used to have UST ProForce 65 “S” shafts in both and they really knocked down the ball. This was great when I used to play lots… I could control the ball and make it do almost anything. The Dynamic Gold shafts work better for me now because I only play about 10 times a year!

I play a Ben Hogan Edge CFT #2 hybrid with a stock “S” steel shaft. I picked this up last year and it is my “control” club. I use it everywhere and even started to chip with it at the end of last year. I am considering a shaft change with this club but I don’t know… I’d like to keep it steel and might just put a Dynamic Gold in it. I rotate this club with my 5 wood… it’s very rare that they are ever in the bag at the same time.

My irons have been with me for 5 years. I play the original Cleveland TA3 cast irons… 3-PW, “S” Dynamic Gold. I love these irons and haven’t found anything better yet. They combine forgiveness with blade-like feel. They hit a mid-high ball and I find the 7-PW great for hitting knock downs… a shot that I use a lot. They are 1 degree flat and are standard length.

I play a 52 degree GW and a 57 degree LW. The GW is from my old Tommy Armour SilverScot set. It has a stock “S” shaft in it. I use it mostly for chipping and 100 yard shots. It’s one of those clubs that you hit well and just hang on to it. The LW is my favorite club in the bag. It is a Cobra Trusty Rusty. I love this club because I can open it way up and do anything with it. It has the stock “S” shaft in it and I am too affraid to change it! Why mess with a good thing?

I just got my putter about a week ago but I have used one just like it in the past. It is a 35 ” Never Compromise GZ6. It is considered a center-shafted mallet but the shaft is more towards the heel. It works great with my straight back, straight through stroke. I have only used it a few times outside but it has worked really well so far.

And now… the other stuff. I use Lamkin Crossline grips +1 wrap on all of my clubs except my putter. All of my clubs are standard length. I carry a Ping Hoofer 2 bag and love it… the best carry bag I have ever owned. My ball of choice has been the Precept U-Tri Extra Spin but I am probably going to move to the Callaway HX Tour this year. I like a high spin ball and love the HX Tour in the wind.

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