Info On The Spin Milled Wedges

Lots of email questions… so let’s see about getting some answers!Someone emailed and asked about the Titleist Spin Milled wedges. This is what I know… April release, available in 56 degree, 58 degree and 60 degree (no gap wedge available). They will be pretty expensive… more than any Vokey wedge out now. These wedges are suppose to spin the ball more. You can see pictures on too. As for my thoughts on them… I have hit them but only inside… so it’s tough to give you an honest answer. There is a lot of hype around these things and I am looking forward to trying them outside!

I had someone ask me about availability of the Cleveland TA7 Tour irons now that they have gone down in price. I checked on supply in my area today and there are hardly any left. Looks like Cleveland sold them right down prior to the price drop. I have been selling them about $250 cheaper than usual… but prices really depend on where you live.

Speaking of Cleveland… had someone ask about the CG4 iron. It’s really tough to find any info on it yet because it is still months away from retail. I have heard that they are a bit smaller than the TA7’s and do not use the Micro Cavity technology… but that is just a rumor. I will see what I can dig up and let you know.

As for more info on the Titleist 735… nothing new. Looks like a mid to late summer release with the 704’s and 804’s remaining in the line for the rest of the year. It sounds like the 735 will not replace anything… I would think the 690’s would be the next to go though.

Any more on the bigger TaylorMade R7? Nope. My TaylorMade guy might have something next week and I will pass it on ASAP.

I had someone at work ask me about a Ping Eye 4 iron. Mostly rumors out there now but it could be a replacement for the I3+ and could come as early as August.

Want to win a Mustang? Go to and enter! Yes… Callaway Golf is giving away a new Ford Mustang that resembles a box of HX Hot golf balls!

That’s it for today… thanks for all the emails… there are a few that I will respond to soon. SirPuttsAlot is slowly getting better and is kind of limited as to how much he can write right now (oh ya.. a note for SirPuttsAlot… got your email and I will read that article tomorrow… too tired now). Sometimes it’s easier to write it here… it’s the first thing that he reads in the morning! Have a great day everyone and thanks for all the support!

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