Rumors Of A New Cobra Driver

Hello everyone! Lots for you to read today so let’s get to it. SirPuttsAlot has a new Rant up and you can check it out HERE. The review of the TaylorMade RAC OS 2005 is also up. Watch for more reviews over the next few weeks as we gear up for the golf season!

Ok… you better brace for this… a driver with weight ports! Yes that’s right… Nickent Golf has unveiled the 3DX driver. The 3DX is basically another version of the TaylorMade R5 Dual… it comes in a “Draw Spec” and a “Tour Spec”… just like the “Type D” and “Type N”. Both drivers are 460CC and have matching fairway woods too.

We had an email today concerning the Titleist 905 drivers… actually we get daily emails about these drivers. I have had numerous people ask if they should switch from a 983 to a 905. My honest answer is no. The 983 is an awesome club… and was the basis for the 905 design. There are still lots of Tour players that play the 983 (Ernie Els and Adam Scott have both used it recently) and I know lots of people that have decided not to make the switch. My advise? Try the 905 when it comes out and decide for yourself… you might that you save yourself some cash by not buying a new driver!

Nike Golf will start including a 2 ball pack of it’s black golf balls with every dozen Nike One Black as early as next week. These black balls caused quite the stir over the last few months… and now you can have a few of your very own!

Oh… one more email just came across the screen… asking about the Scotty Cameron American Classics putters. I don’t know a lot about these but I hear that they are slightly revised versions of a few of Cameron’s most popular putters. The line should include a Bullseye, a Newport and a Napa. Rumor has it that the Newport and the Napa have a darker finish and all come with newly designed headcovers.

The same email also asks about a new Cobra driver. Ya… I have heard some rumors about a 460SZ and also about a new “Cobra 9″ prototype. I will do some digging and see what I can find for you! Thanks for the email!

That’s about it for today. Make sure you check out the new Rant and golf club review. We will update tomorrow… we usually don’t on Friday nights… and watch for a new PGA Profile then. Thanks again for all the emails and have a great day.

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