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SirPuttsAlot has just finished another PGA Player Profile. Check out Stephen Ames HERE. This guy has some serious talent but seems to get overlooked when people talk about the hottest players in the game.

Thanks to one of our readers for pointing out that now has information on the new Cobra 460SZ. The 460SZ is a bigger version of the current 440SZ… but is more forgiving… if that is possible! This club has been rumored for a while now and should be a good seller for Cobra Golf!

We got a funny email from a reader talking about Scotty Cameron’s putters. Our reader mentions how some of Scotty’s new designs lack a “traditional” look. To be fair.. Scotty still has a very solid line of “traditional” putters. I think this is a good example of how putters have evolved over the past few years. If customers want big mallet putters… then they shall receive! I know lots of people that just hate the Futura but it did cause a stir when it was released. This kind of hype can’t hurt a guy like Scotty Cameron… I had more people asking about his products last year because of the Futura. I think it is safe to say that Scotty Cameron will always make “traditional’ putters… we might just have to put up with a few enormous monstrosities along the way! Thanks for the email!

Another email mentioning that there is a set of Callaway X-Tours on Ebay right now… and they are expensive! I guess the buyer can’t wait a few weeks and get a set at retail!

Some news from our Golf Company Of The Year… Innovex Golf has their new demo program in place. Now you can try any RLS iron or wedge for just $19.95. We loved these clubs… drop the $20 and try them for yourselves. Check out for more details.

As you may or may not know, SIRSHANKSALOT.COM will be at the PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas September 26-28. We will be doing daily updates from the show to keep you informed of all the happenings. We will be there for about a week and we want to meet you! If you live in Vegas or will be there during that time, let us know. We would love to play some golf with our readers!

And a sad note as well. My Grandpa passed away last night and I thought I would make mention of it on here. I don’t really know if my Grandpa even golfed… I know he had clubs but I never saw him use them. He used to like seeing my golf clubs and listening to my golfing stories whenever he came to visit. I tried to explain the whole website thing to him at Christmas. I wanted him to see what SirPuttsAlot and I do but I don’t think he really understood. But he listened… something that any Grandparent would do. I told him about “hits” and “visitors” (yes there is a difference), “search engines” and “keywords”… and he just sat there and smiled. I probably could have talked about anything and he wouldn’t have cared! So if the site goes without an update on Friday you know why… sometimes there are more important things in life. Thanks Grandpa.

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