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Hello all… thanks for stopping by today! We had a few emails over the past day so let’s answer some questions.

I have had lots of people asking about the Titleist 905 driver. You should see this club in a store near you very shortly. I have heard anywhere from March 15th to April 1st as the actual release date. As for price… they will be in the same price level as a R7 Quad (remember that they just went down in price too) or Cleveland Launcher COMP… not cheap. It has been strange around my shop. We used to get all sorts of questions about the 905 but it has really slowed down lately. People have found other clubs in the meantime… whether it is the Titleist 983 at a great price, or the Callaway ERC Fusion at a good price, or the TaylorMade R7 at it’s new price. Titleist is really missing the boat by not having this driver out right now… people make a lot of buying decisions in March.

Another question about the Callaway X-Tour irons. They should be out soon (actually had an email from a reader that saw them in a store already). Callaway often sends new clubs to key accounts first… a good way for people to see a club and get talking about it. My place gets these kind of offers… we had HX Hot balls way before our competitors, same with Heavenwoods. I am expecting to see a few sets of the X-Tour’s within the next few weeks. I hit them on the weekend again and just loved them!

A question about Tiger’s 3 wood. Tiger currently hits the Nike T60 3 wood with a silver Mitsubishi Diamana shaft. The shaft looks a lot like a steel shaft because of it’s silver/chrome finish. Thanks for the email!

Did you know that Ian Woosnam is a Hippo Golf staff member? I didn’t! Wonder if he will get any Hippo drivers in the bags of the 2006 Ryder Cup Team? I’m guessing probably not.

Izzo Golf is getting into the golf club business. The company has introduced the Izzo Zwood. The Zwood is kind of broken down into two types. There is the 12.5 degree #2 that features a titanium body with a composite crown. Then there are the #4 through #10 (even numbers… what a technological breakthrough!). These clubs have a stainless steel body with a composite crown. They range in loft from 16 degrees to 28 degrees. Izzo is a golf bag company… and a very good one at that… but do they need to be in the golf club business too? I say no but what do I know anyways?

Thanks to everyone for your great emails! I have to answer a few… I am working on the Callaway shaft one and there are a few others that I will get to. Hope everyone has a great day!

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