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Miss us? Well have no fear because we’re back… and we have a lot to talk about! Let’s see… where to start…

First thing’s first… a new Rant by SirPuttsAlot. Thank you very much for this one… I wasn’t expecting it but it does echo many of the emails we had this week! Thanks to everyone!

We also have a new PGA Player Profile for you. Check out the Charles Howell III. I guess I should lay out a bit of a schedule for the week too. Watch for the next installment of the Golf Club Buying Guide tomorrow, the first round of the Great Club Comparison – Hybrid Edition on Tuesday, some more golf club reviews this week, another Rant and probably another PGA Player Profile too.

We got a ton of email over the past few days so let’s get to the mailbag! I think I will answer some today and some tomorrow.

Thanks to one of our readers who pointed out that Izzo Golf has made golf clubs before. They once made a cast blade that never really took off. After I wrote the bit on the new Izzo woods, I got thinking about Izzo and I was sure that I had seen an Izzo wedge somewhere before… but I couldn’t remember where! Well now I know! Thanks for the email!

Another letter from a reader asking about where he might be able to find a set of Callaway X-Tour irons. has them on pre-order now and you might get lucky and come across a set at your local store. They’re out there.. not many of them but they’re around! Get your local shop to call Callaway Golf and see what they can do. I hit them last week and just loved them. The heads kind of look like the X-18 Pro Series but slightly smaller. The toe is pretty square, they have very little offset and I couldn’t get over how forgiving they were!

A quick note from one of our readers about the TaylorMade R7 XR that can be found on the TaylorMade Japan website. Like our reader says… we won’t get to enjoy these clubs in North America. True. But those in North America should expect to see a 440CC – 460CC TaylorMade R7 XD sometime over the summer.

Another email from a regular reader wanting to know if we have any updates on the Titleist 735 irons. Well… not really. They are coming soon… sometime over the summer, they will be forged stainless, they will be a combo set and they should be a pretty nice iron! I will let you know when I get more info. He also asked about the Project X shaft. The Rifle Project X shaft is made by Royal Precision and the ball flight it produces reminds me a lot of a Tour Flighted Rifle shaft… they provide a lower, more penetrating trajectory. These are great shafts for the better player. Most golf companies will offer them as an upgrade and a low to mid handicapper would be wise to have a look at them.

A question about the new Callaway Tour 56 golf ball that is to be released over the summer. The biggest difference between the Tour 56 and the current HX Tour ball is that some of the dimples on the Tour 56 are much deeper than others. Callaway says this increases lift off the woods and spin off the irons. These deeper dimples are very noticeable… and I should know… because I have a Tour 56 golf ball sitting on my table! These things are going for big money on Ebay right now too… if you have a ton of money to burn.

Funny email about Vijay and how he should go back to his belly putter. Also funny how he is on fire today with the old putter! Go figure…

Well I think that is all for today. There are some more emails that I am responding to in person and a few that I will answer on here tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

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