Let’s Talk About The New Callaway Irons

The next entry in the Golf Club Buying Guide is up. Check out The Basics – How Golf Clubs Work – Part I . It is an overview of some of the basic technologies used in golf clubs. A lot of our readers will know most of this already but I get people in my shop everyday that still get a bit mixed up!

An email today about the new Ping Doc 12.5 putter. This is a somewhat toned down version of the original Doc putter. We should see this in stores very, very soon. There may even be a few stores that have them already. Go to for pictures. Thanks for the email!

We had an email asking about why we don’t review certain clubs (namely KZG and Wishon). Well now that someone has asked… we shall do! Just tell us what you want and we will do our best to help you out. I will make sure I pass on any news from these companies that I find and we will do our best to test some of their stuff. SirPuttsAlot is gathering some Snake Eyes stuff and we will be reviewing it shortly.

A good email about Callaway irons. Our reader currently plays the Callaway X-14 Pro Series and is thinking about changing to either the X-18 Pro Series, the Fusion or the new X-Tour irons. In my opinion (and it is an opinion shared by many industry people) the X-14 Pro Series is one of the best irons that Callaway has ever made. Now if you want to switch… and it sounds like you do… you have a pretty tough choice. I have hit all three of these new irons and I like the X-Tour the best. It was really forgiving, had decent feel (even with range balls) and it looked really good. The Fusion is a great iron and what I liked most about it was it’s feel. It felt solid no matter where you hit the ball. The one thing I didn’t like was the offset. I hit a pretty straight ball (if anything, I hook it from time to time) and the amount of offset on the Fusion was just enough to turn the ball over too much. That would be my only complaint with those. The X-18 Pro Series are a good club too. I don’t think there is enough of a difference between the X-18 Pro Series and your current irons to warrant a change there. Best thing to do is to hit all of them outside and get an idea of what each club can and cannot do. If you are a better player make sure you focus on working the ball and make sure the offset is not too much for you. Also pay close attention to the ball flight and remember that it can be tweaked with different shafts. Look at a good Dynamic Gold or the Project X shafts… I have found that both work well in Callaway products. Thanks for the email!

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