What To Buy If You Have Back Problems

Check out the Colin Montgomerie profile that is now up in the PGA Player Profiles section. I really hope that Colin wins a Major this year… he still has some game and I can see him making a real charge at the Open Championship.

I really did some digging after writing that bit about the Titleist 635 irons yesterday. So here’s what I know… after talking to a few Titleist people, a few Titleist staffers (local Pros, not PGA Tour guys) and also getting a good email from a reader. It sounds like there could be a chromed version of the new Titleist 735 irons that will be called the Titleist 635. The details are still pretty sketchy but it sounds like the 635’s may be a replacement for the 690CB. Our reader email mentioned that the 635’s may be a carbon steel construction and this type of steel needs to be chromed. Carbon steel is soft and provides great feel… you’d know that if you read the Buying Guide #3 section! One of my Titleist guys says that both clubs will feature Dynamic Gold shafts. I will keep digging and let you know what I find. I wouldn’t go running to your local shop to order a set of Titleist 635 irons yet… these may be a Tour only club! Thanks to our reader for the email and thanks to all of my contacts that did some digging for me!

Let’s stay with Titleist… the 905S and 905T drivers will be released April 1st. The stock shafts for these drivers will be the Titleist Speeder, Aldila NV, Titleist 4560, Grafalloy Blue, and the Graphite Design YS-6. Expect to see the 904F fairway woods at this time too. The 905 drivers should come in at right about the same price as the TaylorMade R7 Quad.

Speaking of shafts… we had an email about Nippon shafts. Nippon makes some quality shafts that you may have seen in some of your favorite golf clubs. The biggest thing with Nippon is shaft weight…. these guys make some of the lightest steel shafts in the world. There are lots of golf clubs today that use Nippon shafts… the Callaway Fusion iron and the Titleist 804OS to name a few. Check out for more information.

A good email from a reader looking for new irons… but with a twist… he has back problems. I have some experience with this because my Dad has the same problem. Our reader has a very flat swing because of his limited mobility and hits a very low ball. You’re going to want to look for an iron that gets the ball in the air quickly… Ping G2, Callaway Big Bertha, Cobra 3400 I/XH, TaylorMade HT. Make sure you still get your swing speed measured to ensure that you get the right flex. Look for a shaft with a low kickpoint (produces a high ball flight). Sometimes a flat swing can be tricky because it can lead to a big hook. An offset club will only add to the hook so keep that in mind!

That’s it for today… I have five emails in front of me that need answers so expect a reply soon! Have a great St. Patty’s day and don’t forget to wear green!

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