Orlando PGA Show – Nike Ball And Shoe News

Nike Golf was out in full force at Wednesday’s Demo Day and the company was showing off some new items in the golf ball and golf shoe categories.

We talked a bit about the new Nike ONE balls that are on the way and the company had samples on site. Essentially both are just slightly tweaked versions of the previous models. Most would agree that they’ve got a good product already so there’s no need to go and make major changes. The packaging on the Ignite got an update and now features the same box design as the ONE balls. The Juice came out late last year and so far it’s done well. This was a replacement to the Mojo and the company feels that it should have some legs to get well into 2008. The Power Distance remains and it looks like a clear coated ball for kids will be added to the line soon.

Outsole technology is the main focus of the 2007 Nike footwear line. The flagship SP-8 is kind of the technological leader here and it’s design was influenced by many Nike staffers… including that Tiger guy. It was interesting when we got talking about how they try and align certain players with certain shoes. Tiger always seems to wear the younger, hip yet a bit traditional looks while someone like Justin Leonard stays with a more conservative look like a saddle. Watch for Michelle Wie to push a more athletic look and for someone like Grace Park to model more understated and traditional looks. Golf is becoming a game of fashion and footwear companies are forced to keep up with style. The company doesn’t want to have a line filled with traditional saddles… they want shoes with some “wow”.

A few more footwear odds and ends…

– Watch for limited edition colors around the Majors… other companies have done this with some success and Nike plans on following the trend.

– The big push on the marketing side of things will be towards the Power Platform technology. The company actually just finished up shooting some ads that will appear later in the year.

– The company also plans to match up more of their ladies shoes to their ladies clothing. If you see a unique design or color on a piece of Nike clothing… there will probably be a matching shoe for you.

Some cool news and notes from Nike. We’ll keep you up to date as more info becomes available!

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