Sonartec Introduces HB-001 Hybrid

One of the leading hybrid companies in the world has announced the introduction of their newest club… the HB-001.

The HB-001 replaces the extremely popular MD transition club and is the result of extensive testing. One of the biggest features of the HB-001 is the rail technology on the sole… which helps the club glide through almost any type of turf condition. The 455 stainless head should be a favorite with players looking for "Sonartec" feel and iron-like playability. 

The HB-001 is available in 4 lofts and will retail for $189 USD. 


Let's dive into the mailbag too! We get a lot of shaft questions and tonight SirPuttsAlot helps a reader looking to reshaft his current irons…

I have a question about re-shafting irons. I have a set of Adams A2 irons & I like them a lot because they tend to be forgiving without looking like clubs for hackers.The only problem is the steel shafts are a bit heavy for me. I'm using the stock shaft which is supposed to be a lightweight shaft but compared to others on the market it's heavier than many.I tend to get tired at the end of a round. I've tried other clubs with True Temper Dynalite Gold SL shafts which seem to be a very good weight for me & are definitely lighter than the shafts in my A2s. I've considered putting these shafts in my A2s but I don't know if they would work out with those heads.How would I know if those shafts are compatible with the A2 irons? Do you think re-shafting would be a good way to go in my case?

The steel shaft in the Adams A2 is a lightweight steel shaft. They use the True Temper Dynalite Players shaft which weighs in at about 105 grams, lighter than most steel shafts available. The Dynamic Gold SL is 106 grams so roughly the same weight but it will be a tougher shaft to hit because of its high kick point and stiffer tip section. Some of the options available without going to graphite would be the True Temper TX-90 which is about 90 grams or the Nippon 850 or 950 (85 and 95 grams respectively).Unfortunately, reshafting a set of irons can get quite costly unless you do it yourself or know someone who can give you a good deal. In most cases you will probably be looking at $30 – $40 per club. At that point it really is just a matter of trial and error to find a shaft that you like and works well in the Adams club heads.

That's all for now. Thanks for all of the email and support! Talk to you soon! 

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