Orlando PGA Show – Odds And Ends From Day 1

Hey everyone! Day 1 is in the books and we’re officially off to the races. This is my first Orlando Show… I’ve been to the Vegas show twice… and it’s really as big as people say it is. It’s very much an apparel and accessories show but hard equipment still plays a fairly major role. Let’s roll through some of my early observations.

– There’s a demo area at one end and many of the Demo Day tents from Wednesday have been moved inside.

– Callaway and TaylorMade both have huge booths and are showing off all aspects of their lines. Most of the big guys are here… Ping, Cleveland, Titleist and Cobra being a few of the exceptions. Titleist does have a booth for their new online Performance Institute though… watch for a post on it in the coming days.

– Speaking of Titleist… not a huge surprise but it’s been confirmed that the 907 D1 and 907 D2 drivers are on the way. We’ll see these both in the spring. We’ll have some official pictures soon.

– A few celebs wondering around. The Golf Channel is here in full force and it’s pretty common to see a few of the on screen faces walking around. I saw Adam Barr yesterday at the Demo Day. Peakvision Sports had a few of the Big Break ladies at their booth, I saw Jim McLean doing a teaching demo and more celebs are expected to stop by on Friday.

– Many of the smaller companies are moving into square heads too. Simpac Golf was one company that caught my eye. They’ve already jumped into square fairway woods.

We’ve got lots more on the way but I think that’s it for now. It was a busy opening day and it’s only going to get busier. I’m going to load a few more pictures on the gallery now and will continue to upload over the coming days. Talk to you later!

Be sure to check out our online picture gallery for pictures from the 2007 PGA Show in Orlando. We’ll be updating the gallery daily so be sure to check back! To access the full line of pictures… click “user galleries”, then the picture above “admin” (top left side), then click the same picture below “2007 Orlando PGA Show”. You can then scroll through the pages by clicking the page numbers on the bottom right. Wow… good thing that wasn’t confusing!

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