How Callaway Specs Differ

Cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste… the construction of the new SIRSHANKSALOT.COM continues! You kind of forget how much content the site has until you do something like this.

First off… a huge thanks to our readers. We are starting to get really busy and it is great to see. I promise that once the new site is up, the reviews and other features will return. So thanks to all of our regular readers and hello to all of our new ones!

An email about the Hogan BH-5 irons. Our reader is very interested in reading a review of the irons… something that we will have on the new site in the next few weeks. Can’t wait that long? No problem. Go hit the Callaway X-14’s. The BH-5 is basically the X-14 with the Hogan name on it. They are close… really, really close. Proven technology + Quality shaft choices (better than Callaway stock shafts if you ask me) + A great price = A great iron for Hogan! These are worth checking out.

Staying with Callaway… thanks to one of our readers that noticed that Annika Sorenstam was back using her Callaway X-14 irons this weekend. Callaway’s press release simply called them “Callaway Golf Irons”… so it is pretty obvious that she wasn’t using her new X-Tour clubs. Our reader suggests that Callaway can’t be happy about this. Well… yes and no if you ask me. They probably want her playing the X-Tour irons because they are about to come to retail and it would be great advertising… but “Callaway Golf Irons” is a lot better than “TaylorMade RAC Irons”! Thanks for the email.

Has anyone seen the new Vucket by Pukka? Haha… no I’m not drunk and yes that was a real sentence. Pukka Headwear has introduced the Vucket… a combination visor/bucket hat. Pukka claims that it is a great way to protect your face and ears from the sun while allowing heat to escape from the top of the head. One suggestion… bald people might be wise to stay away… this isn’t for you! Check out for more details.

Oh ya… a quick notice to all the customers I have had in the store looking for the new Maxfli Black Max… it’s MAX-FLY not MAX-E-FLY. I can’t believe how many people make this mistake… not that I really care but it just gets annoying after a while. Ok… there’s my rant for the day.

An email from a reader asking a few questions about loft. He compared the specs of two sets of irons and found that one set is a bit stronger in loft. This is not unusual… companies have started to cheat a bit and have made their clubs stronger and stronger. If player “A” hits Callaway irons that are two degrees stronger than player “B” ’s Hogans… what will people think of the Callaways? “Wow.. those Callaway irons sure hit the ball a long ways! He hit his 7 iron as far as my 5 iron!”. Well ya… that’s because Callaway creates clubs that are strongly lofted… not because they have some sort of magical technology. Is the difference in loft not enough to justify a big difference in distance? Then look at the shafts. A good shaft can add distance too. Also compare the ball flight… a higher ball flight usually means a longer ball. As for adjusting lofts… ya you can do it. Just remember that every club has a memory… it will eventually return to where it was cast or forged. You will probably need to check the lofts every year and tweak them as necessary. Hope this helps a bit, email us with any other questions.

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