Adidas Tour Metal Golf Shoes

Let’s start with some news from TaylorMade Golf. If you watched the golf over the weekend, you may have heard about Fred Funk’s new clubs. The clubs that were causing all the stir were TaylorMade CGB’s. Funk used CGB 3 and 4 irons along with his TaylorMade RAC LT2 irons. An interesting combo but it worked! I also mentioned the R7 Quad fairway wood a few days ago. Rumor has it that Sergio Garcia is one of the Tour players experimenting with it.

Sonartec Golf won the hybrid count at last weekend’s Players Championship. There were 12 Md Hybrid Transition clubs in play at the tournament. This is the second time this season that Sonartec has taken this honor.

Nike has unveiled their new Nike One Platinum golf ball. This is basically the retail version of the ball that Tiger Woods plays. The ball is designed for larger headed drivers… providing low driver spin and great feel. Watch for the Nike One Platinum in May.

You’ve heard us rave about Innovex Golf and now you can hit their clubs for yourself. Watch for the Innovex Golf Club Test 2005 in a town near you! The first few dates have been announced… St. Louis (April 8,9) , Des Moines (April 15,16) and Omaha (May 6,7). Check out for more details and watch for our review of their fairway woods coming soon.

An email from a reader asking about Titleist fairway woods. I have hit the new 904 fairway woods and they feel pretty good. Are they noticeably different than the 980 fairway woods? In my opinion… no. I find both the 983 drivers and 980 fairway woods to be just as good as the new offerings. If you can find these older clubs at a good price… take them. Save some cash and your golf game is not going to suffer. As for steel or graphite in fairway woods… I like steel but it’s really a personal preference thing. Some people really like graphite because a light graphite shaft makes the club feel “head heavy”. You may have to do some experimenting to get the right head/shaft combination but I would say 75%-80% of the Titleist fairway woods that I have ever sold were steel shafted. Thanks for the email!

Thanks to one of our readers that wrote in to let us know that the Adidas Tour Metal golf shoes (The shoes that Sergio has been wearing) will be available on April 1st and they will be up on the Adidas website this week.

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