Natalie Gulbis Staying With TaylorMade

There are a few new Player Profiles up today for your reading enjoyment. Check out John Daly and our very own SirPuttsAlot now! Sounds like SirPuttsAlot has quite a club collection… too bad he can’t hit them. Just kidding… actually he is a very, very good ball striker. My bag for the upcoming golf season isn’t set in stone yet but when it is I will put my profile up.

Thanks to one of our loyal readers for letting me know that there is a Titleist 905T up on Ebay. The link is too long to put up but I’m sure if you do a search for it you will find it.

Speaking of Titleist….. I was bored at work today so I thought I would call Titleist for fun. I found out that the 735 irons should be available mid-summer (June or July) and that we will probably never see a Titleist ball with “hex” dimples. The inside sales guy said that there was a Titleist ball with different dimples at one time but that it is something that will never make stores. He says the majority of the guys on Tour use the new Pro V1 or Pro V1x….. which isn’t a real surprise.

I thought I would throw this in for a good friend of mine… TaylorMade – adidas Golf Company has signed LPGA player Natalie Gulbis for three more years. Natalie is the Anna Kournikova of the LPGA… known more for her looks than her skill. Gulbis has never won an event but that hasn’t stopped her from being one of the most popular female golfers on the planet. Check out her website . Useless fact for the day…. she is reportedly dating Pittsburgh Steelers Q.B. Ben Roethlisberger… if you care.

That’s it for today. Thanks to our readers who sent in emails over the past few days. We will get back to you just as soon as we can!

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