China Cracking Down On Fake Golf Clubs

SirPuttsAlot has a new Rant up. This week he talks about David Duval and his recent struggles. I have a soft spot for Duval… I was at the Open Championship in 2001 when he won. I wasn’t a huge fan but he started to grow on me a bit. I agree with SirPuttsAlot here though, I think David needs to take a big step back from the game and not embarrass himself.

The Chinese Government raided a bunch of golf club counterfeiters in Changan and Guangzhou City recently. They seized a ton of fake golf clubs, golf bags, golf shirts and even production equipment. I don’t think I have ever seen as much fake stuff as I did last year. We had numerous customers bring in “Callaway” clubs for repair last year. Some of it was actually pretty close but other stuff was just way off. The seizures brought in fake Callaway, Ping, Nike, Cleveland, Titleist and TaylorMade equipment.

Just a note… but if you are eyeing an Odyssey White Steel putter at your local shop right now, you might want to grab it. These things are backordered like crazy (around here anyways) and I have some models that won’t be in until mid-March…. not good considering it isn’t even golf season yet!

No news today… so I thought I would mention a few other items that have been early season “hot clubs” at my shop. People are asking about the new irons from Cobra Golf. They actually look pretty nice and don’t feel too bad either. Most are interested in the 3100 but all three models are getting asked about. The Big Bertha 454 has been pretty popular with players of all abilities. The Callaway X-18’s have sold well and we even had a few of the Pro Series go too. The odd person has asked about the Titleist 905T and 905S but I don’t think many average golfers know about it yet.

That’s it for today.. I got pretty well caught up on emails today.. got one right as I was signing off (Scotty Cameron one) so I will respond to that tomorrow. SirPuttsAlot is gone for a few days so I’m running the show right now… like always… just kidding!

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