Lots Of Good Golf News From SirPuttsAlot

I just got a good email from SirPuttsAlot so I thought I would post it. He had a bunch of product sessions this weekend and there are some good odds and ends here. This won’t be the only update of the day.. I’m off today so you will see more later!


Two new wedges. The Vokey Satin-Chrome which is the same as the other 200 series Vokey’s but in a satin-chrome finish. Won’t rust, doesn’t give off the glare. The other new wedge is the Spin Mill wedge. It comes in 56, 58, and 60 degrees only. The grooves on the wedges are more square to give more spin on the ball and then there is some sort of milling done to the face to prevent them from scuffing balls.

The Studio Stainless putters are going to be replaced. The new putter will be a studio series. They will have the same grey finish but will have the same insert in them as the Red X. There will be two head styles each with two different hosels for four total putters. My guess is the Newport and Laguna heads.

You probably know everything about the 905 but they will be in 395 and 405 cc heads. The hosels on these drivers have an aluminum piece inside almost like a shim. The reason for this is that the aluminum is lighter and they can use more weighting in the club head. This won’t affect the feel. The screw in the bottom of the driver is used to dampen vibration so the club still has that traditional Titleist feel. Same shaft options as the 983.

They will be releasing the Futura Phantom this year.

The new ProV1 has a slightly larger inner cover designed to produce less spin and 5 more yards off the tee. The new ProV1X is also lower spinning and will give 2-3 more yards.

The 904 fairway will be bigger than the 980 and is going to have a very flat sole similar to the old PT fairway woods.


Not much news from them. The new Fusion is a 460 head, this is what most of their tour guys are using, some are still using the GBB II. None are using the Big Bertha 454. The Fusion will be out June 1.

The X-Tour apparently will have a very similar appearance (from the top anyways) as the Fusion irons. Less offset obviously. No bore-through.

Taylor Made

The new fairway wood coming in March. The R7 HT should be out in March too. Lower profile head with a softer shaft, still 400cc.

Rescue Fairway is gone from the lineup.


Quick little point of interest. Both Jesper and Padraig are playing the Pi5 irons, the cast cavity back and not the Fi5 forged progressive set.


Again not much. The MP-001 460 will be replaced at the end of this year. Because of that they aren’t going to bother to make it in LH. No word on what the new driver will be like.


There is a new forged tour iron that Scott Hoch is experimenting with. There is about a 50% chance that we will see it in North America. They also have some gunmetal style wedges that may or may not hit North America.

Both Yonex and Wilson are experimenting with Nanothechnology. Apparently it has already been used successfully in tennis racquets. The idea with nanotechnology is that it fills in microscopic voids in the material and makes it much, much stronger. Apparently they feel it will be the next big thing in graphite shafts.

Some good info there.. hope everyone is having a good day and I will update again in the next few hours! Big thanks to SirPuttsAlot for this!

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