Phil’s Bag Not 100% Callaway Golf

Well I did some digging on the new TaylorMade fairway wood today… and I have it narrowed down to 2 possibilities. It is either going to be the TaylorMade V-Steel II (currently used on Tour) or the TaylorMade R7 Fairway.If I was a betting man.. and I’m not.. I’d put my money on the R7 Fairway. Now don’t go and get all upset at me if I’m wrong but I have heard from a few people that the R7 Fairway is just around the corner. It should have some sort of removable weight system… my guess is to change the center of gravity.. and it will probably be titanium. I should know more about this next week and I will let you know what I find out. I am also hearing a lot of rumblings concerning a larger “XD” version of the current R7 Quad… it should have heavier weights and should be between 440CC and 460CC.

I also had a chat with my Cleveland Golf guy today too. He was telling me a bit about the new Cleveland CG4 iron… the possible replacement for the TA7. Sounds like Cleveland will be going for a clean look with this one… and are trying hard to keep the club forgiving at the same time. Word is that the mico-cavities should be gone too.

Phil wasn’t 100% Callaway last weekend in Phoenix… he was playing his trusty TaylorMade V-Steel 3 wood. Rumor has it that he has been experimenting with some sort of prototype ERC Fusion fairway wood though.

So what’s in a golf ball? Is this just a fluke or is there something to this? Newly signed Srixon staffer John Rollins has gone from 101st in Driving Distance to 11th since switching to the new Srixon Z-UR ball. In other news… I have just switched to the Srixon Z-UR ball… just kidding.

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