Callaway 454 Getting Some Tour Use

Wow… there is nothing going on. I guess I will just have to make some things up… just kidding!

First off… a correction from SirPuttsAlot’s stuff the other day. He had mentioned that no Callaway staff players were playing the Big Bertha 454 driver. Turns out that Charles Howell III and Thomas Bjorn are both using the driver.

I thought I would post a few answers to some emails too…. thanks very much for the emails by the way! We had someone ask about the release date for the new Scotty Cameron putters. My source seems to think that we will see them in stores towards the end of April. This might depend on where you live though.. there are certain areas that get stuff first.

Another email from a good friend and loyal reader… wondering why more people don’t look at combo sets. He is right in his email… they do give golfers the best of both worlds. I think there are a few reasons that we don’t see more of these in stores. They are still fairly new… well maybe “new” isn’t the right word… how about “mainstream”. It’s not a new concept but golfers are just starting to get into the whole idea now. I’m guessing that we will see more of these introduced as the year rolls on. Another reason might be that most of the combo sets out there are either designed for the better player (reduced offset, not huge cavities) or are not enough of a game improvement iron for some. I see lots of golfers that miss hit their 7,8,9 irons so a cavity back would still be best for them. I think that a hybrid club/cavity back combo might be a market that is ready to explode. This appeals to the masses more than a cavity/blade combo does.

And one more for now (we have more and I will respond to them in the next few days). Ok… maybe I should have rephrased something yesterday… let’s say Phil’s V-Steel wasn’t so much “trusty” as it was “rusty”. Our reader pointed out that he had some problems with the 3 wood… but at the same time, he did win the tournament. That email made me laugh!

Anyways that’s it for today… again thanks for the emails… and thanks for all our support!!

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