Nakashima Golf Unveils New Wedge

Wow…. a big day for emails! It’s like shoveling snow in a blizzard… just when you get some done you have to do it again. Some awesome emails though and we will get back to all of you by tomorrow night! Thanks!!

A big thanks to one of our readers for pointing out that some other Callaway staffers are playing the Big Bertha 454. You can add Hal Sutton, Mark Brooks, Jim Carter and Gary Player to the list.

Nakashima Golf has unveiled a new wedge to go along with their NP-1 line of irons. Another really good looking club from these guys… the wedge is doubled forged and double chrome plated. Check out for more details. We are working on getting a profile done on Nakashima Golf sometime this year… speaking of which, our first SIRSHANKSALOT Small Golf Company of The Year profile will be up on Monday.

Well… you gave us lots of emails to read so it’s only fair that we give you something to read! Let’s see… how about SirPuttsAlot’s new Rant. Want to hit the big drive? You might want to read this one! We don’t normally put a whole lot up on a Friday afternoon but watch for some exciting stuff tomorrow and Saturday! We will have a Fred Couples profile, two new Ping iron reviews and whatever else we can think of!

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