TaylorMade V Steel Takes Dive In Price

I told you we were going to have some stuff for you.. and now I’m delivering! Need some golf club reviews? Check out the Ping I3+ review, the Ping S59 review and the Titleist 804OS review. Want a PGA Tour Player Profile? How about Fred Couples.

Speaking of Mr.Couples… rumor has it that he is back to his TaylorMade equipment. A good friend of mine had a chance to talk to Fred over the Christmas holidays and Couples sounded really excited about playing his new Bridgestone equipment. My guess is that Bridgestone is tweaking some things for him and we should see the Bridgestone J33 Combo irons back in his bag soon.

SirPuttsAlot sent me an email today talking about the Tommy Armour Morph irons. I mentioned these a few months ago and they are basically revamped Tommy Armour Evo’s. The Morph irons are a combo set… hence the “Morph” name… you know… something like the “Evo” name. I think recycling is good for the environment but this is pushing it!

Lots of emails from readers concerning the new Titleist 905 drivers and 735 irons. I’d say it is a 50/50 split…. some people are really eager to get these and the rest think it’s mostly hype! I guess only time will tell! An interesting aside… a 905T driver sold on Ebay the other day for over $2000.00 US and a Spin Milled wedge went for over $500.00 US. I guess they just couldn’t wait the extra month or so!

It looks like the TaylorMade V Steel fairway woods are taking a dive in price. I heard about it at work today but I don’t know what they will be going down to. This is a guarantee that something new is coming… I already put my money on a R7 Quad fairway but it could very well be the V Steel II.

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