Orlando PGA Show – Mitsubishi Rayon Expands Line

We’ve talked a lot about Mitsubishi shafts in the past and today I had a chance to check out the entire line and spend some time with the folks from MRC Golf.

The Bassara line is the one geared towards the majority of golfers. The company recently released the Bassara Ultra-Lite and the Bassara Hybrid shaft… joining the current Bassara shaft that came out in early 2006. These shafts are designed to give the average golfer a solid mix of performance and playability.

The Bassara Ultra-Lite is available in three flexes and that fall into the 43-53 gram weight range. This shaft is designed to get the most clubhead speed out of any swing.

The Bassara Hybrid is available in three flexes at 83 grams. It is designed to optimize the ball flight produced by today’s hybrids.

I also got some extra insight into the Diamana line and picked up some cool little odds and ends along the way. The Diamana name is actually a combination of a couple of words… “Dia” (representing the Diamond design of the Mitsubishi logo) and “Mana” (meaning power). The oval around the Diamana logo represents a surf board… the company is located in Southern California. You’ll notice that these shafts feature a flower band that goes all the way around the shaft. This band is represents Hawaii… a midway point between the mother company in Japan and the North American location. This band goes all the way around the shaft to better help with identification when a player is swinging the shaft. The numbers on the shaft obvously relate to weight. The “x 5ct” at the end means “times 5 carat”. There are 5 carats (like the carats of a diamond) in a gram… which ties into the diamond theme. There ya go… you learn something everyday…

We’ll keep you up to date with news from Mitsubishi as it becomes available… a very cool company with very solid products!

Be sure to check out our online picture gallery for pictures from the 2007 PGA Show in Orlando. We’ll be updating the gallery daily so be sure to check back! To access the full line of pictures… click “user galleries”, then the picture above “admin” (top left side), then click the same picture below “2007 Orlando PGA Show”. You can then scroll through the pages by clicking the page numbers on the bottom right. Wow… good thing that wasn’t confusing!

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