TaylorMade Drops Prices

It’s that time of the week… time for another Rant from SirPuttsAlot! Learn all about new technology in graphite shafts by clicking HERE.

I think TaylorMade Golf just likes to give us headaches! Have you bought a R7 Quad lately? Well congrats… they just took a nosedive in price. TaylorMade has announced a bunch of new markdowns effective immediately. Clubs on the list include the R7 Quad, R7 Quad HT, V Steel fairway woods, Rescue Mid hybrids and Rescue Fairway clubs. The Rescue Fairways were not a surprise… we have reported on here that they are out of the line anyways. The V Steel markdowns are an indication that there is a new fairway wood on the horizon (either the R7 Fairway or the V Steel II). The Quads were a surprise… such a new club and already a big markdown. I don’t think that there is a new one on the way immediately (I think there is a R7 Quad XD coming this year though) but I think TaylorMade realizes that the Quad is just too high priced for most players. Check with your local shop for more information… I know some of the online retailers have already adjusted their prices but others still are high. It may take a few days for the markdown to spread but I will be curious to see how well these clubs sell.

I am starting to see a bit of a revolt towards the Titleist 905 drivers. I have lots of people at my shop asking about them but many are leaving with the heavily discounted 983 driver. It is a great club at an amazing price. Titleist better get some new 905’s out to stores soon or they could be missing the boat. New drivers from other companies are already available and are selling well.

Well that’s about it for now… what a slow day! Thanks for all the emails and support. I think we are caught up with the mail now so bring it on again! We have had all sorts of questions lately… some about Phil’s new putter, some about the black Nike golf ball, some for club recommendations… all good emails!

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