Let’s Talk About Mitsubishi Shafts!

Looks like a good leaderboard at the Nissan so far… too bad the weather wasn’t a bit better. An interesting note about Friday’s leader. Chad Campbell is currently playing without an equipment sponsor. His contract with Cleveland Golf ran out a while back and now Chad has been testing out different clubs before deciding on who to sign with. Campbell is currently playing a Ping irons, Cleveland wedges and a Cleveland Comp driver among other things. I have heard lots of stories about who he will sign with. Most people I talk to say Ping or TaylorMade.

We had a good email today in response to SirPuttsAlot’s Rant about shaft technology. One of our readers (and a very knowledgeable guy) wanted to know why SirPuttsAlot failed to mention Mitsubishi. Well… since my partner in crime is on the injured reserve right now (he had surgery on his shoulder this weekend… I think it was his shoulder… I forgot), I will write a bit about them. Mitsubishi ( ) is a company that makes great, tour proven stuff but does not get the recognition that they deserve. There are many PGA Tour players that use Mitsubishi shafts including Tiger Woods (Diamana… although SirPuttsAlot was not wrong in saying that he has used a Grafalloy Blue prototype… because he has). Our reader pointed out that they develop shafts for basically all levels of player and they do. I think public recognition comes with having the shaft available in brand name clubs. Remember the EI-70? It got a huge boost back in the day because it was available as an option in the Titleist 975D driver. I think Mitsubishi will make some major inroads with the big manufacturers this year (they are already available in TaylorMade drivers) and we should see more of them in the future. I tried a Mitsubishi shaft (the Hank Kuehne one) in a TaylorMade 510TP last year and really liked it.

We are thinking about adding a photo gallery to host pictures taken by ourselves and our readers. We get all sorts of emails asking for pictures and it would be nice if we had something on the site. I have had a few emails with pictures attached too. Send us an email and let us know what you think. We would only want to put pictures up that are original (as in ones that YOU take… legal reasons!) and that are free to us (we don’t make any money off of this site so we’re not going to pay for pictures). Let us know what you think! .

That’s it for today. A big hello to all of our Canadian readers… sorry about the whole hockey thing… mind you it could be resolved in the next few hours. I say let the dead horse lie. Don’t shoot it and then let it get up! Mind you a short season might be the only way my Bruins can win the Cup!

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