TaylorMade R7 Quad Fairway Coming Soon

Lots going on today… let’s see… where to start. Thanks to one of our dedicated readers for emailing us and pointing out that has been updated with some of the new Titleist product. You can check out the new/old ball line… basically the same balls in different boxes, the 905 driver (sort of), the 904 fairway (sort of) and the Spin Milled wedges (sort of). Just quit the games and put up the new stuff already!

We had an email from another reader asking about the new Callaway Fusion driver. Ok… here’s what I know. We should see the new Fusion in about May or June… I was actually marking down the original ones today so the new one should be coming soon. It is bigger (around 440CC), and will be available in different head weight setups… draw, fade or neutral bias. The bias will be printed on the heel of the club. There is something significant about the color of the print (I think center of gravity) but I don’t know that for sure. Hmmm… what else… oh ya, I know the stock shaft will be orange. I will get some more details on the new Fusion and will pass them on!

More Callaway news… I saw the X-Tour irons today. They are really nice and don’t look like a Callaway iron when you look down on them. I was too busy with customers to stop and hit them but I will soon. The one thing I really noticed was how “boxy” the toe looked. Thin top line, thin sole, reduced offset… one nice looking club. We should see them in stores in May or June as well. I had someone email and ask about creating a combo set between X-18’s and X-18 Pro Series irons… I would wait until you see these cause they might change your mind!

I also got some Callaway HX Tour 56 golf balls today. They look basically the same as the current HX Tour except that there are a few really deep dimples. These deep dimples help create lift with the driver and spin with the irons. Expect them in April or May.

Remember a while back when I said that I was 99.99% sure that the X-Tours would come to retail? Sure enough they did. Well now I am 99.99% sure that TaylorMade’s new fairway wood will be the R7 Quad fairway. It also sounds like the company’s next driver will feature a composite crown and removable weights.

That’s all for today! Thanks for all the great emails. I answered most of them here. We also had a few requests for different golf club reviews so we will get on that too. SirPuttsAlot should be back from the disabled list soon so expect some more reviews and Rants. I am almost done the next Golf Club Buying Guide entry… my computer froze while saving today so I need to redo some stuff. Have a great day!

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