A Question About Tour Edge Golf

Wow…. it’s almost March! Anyways… just a quick update before I start my day.

I have had a few emails about this one so I thought I would pass it on. If you go to the Callaway Golf Japan website, , you will see the new ERC Hot driver. I don’t know a lot about this driver but it looks like it is a “Japanese only” club. It’s not unusual for a company to have clubs that only are available in certain areas of the world… and this is one of them. Looks like a cool club though…

As for the new Fusion driver that we here in North America will see, if you go to and click on the the “Shopping” section you will see the Fusion FT-2 driver for sale. Pretty big price tag if you ask me… but someone will buy it! Expect to see this club (or something very similar) in stores in June.

Another email asking about Tour Edge. I sell Tour Edge and have a few friends that have equipment deals through them. It is good stuff, at a good price and it sells ok I guess. It just isn’t a huge name so it will sometimes lose out to the TaylorMade’s and Ping’s of the world. As for why we don’t see more of it on the PGA Tour… I am guessing that it is probably a money issue. You don’t have to put your stuff out there on Tour to be successful… mind you it helps a lot. Sometimes a company will use the money they save from not having a Tour presence and put it towards advertising directly to the consumer. Wilson tried this years back… they pretty much dumped all their Tour staff (including Vijay Singh and Mike Weir) and put that money into getting local pros to use their stuff. Their thinking was that if “Joe Consumer” walked into his or her local shop and saw the pro using Wilson… they might walk over and buy a Wilson club or Wilson balls. Did it work? I don’t know… their weak product line is what hurt them back then. Since then, they have slowly built a small Tour staff again but not near the staff they had at one time. I will be curious as to what route Tour Edge takes… they have good stuff… they just need to get it into the hands of more consumers. .

I think that’s it for now… I will probably update later today. SirPuttsAlot has a David Toms profile all done so I will put that up later… just waiting to see if he wins today! Thanks again for all the email!

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