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Hello everyone! SirPuttsAlot has been a busy boy lately… check out the profiles of Sergio Garcia and David Toms. The equipment section in the David Toms profile is a hard one… the guy changes golf equipment on almost a daily basis! I think SirPuttsAlot did a good job and figured out what Toms is using right now.

Ernie Els’ website ( ) is reporting that Els has found a Titleist 905 driver that he likes and that he will use it this week in Dubai. Ernie had reported problems with the new Titleist 905 driver in the past… both a spin rate problem and a problem with how the driver sounded.

I read a press release from Volvik Golf today. These are the guys that make the really popular Crystal balls (you know… the colored ones). The press release is in response to rumors that they are having a tough time keeping up to demand. It also talks about the company’s shift in focus away from the colored balls and into the white ball market. The company says their white ball is their best selling… strange cause I have never seen it… we sell tons of the colored ones though! The release also mentions that Volvik’s market share in the golf ball business is now bigger than companies like Hogan and Srixon. I am curious to see what direction they go with the white balls… do they stay as a mid-range ball or do they test the high-end market?

That’s it for today… it’s pretty slow actually. At least you have some Profiles to read! Thanks for all the email and welcome to all of our new readers! Feel free to email us anytime with questions!

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