Some New Golf Club Reviews

Hope everyone had a great time over the weekend! Now it’s back to work and back to golf!

I really didn’t have much to do the other day so I went on a tour of some of the huge online golf retailers. I found a few interesting things too. Edwin Watts now has the Bridgestone B330 ball available. This was the only site that I could find that was selling it. It is priced right about the same as the Pro V1 and the Callaway HX Tour. I also saw that Ben Hogan is bringing back the Sure-Out wedges! They weren’t available yet but I think it said sometime this month. I’ll have to check with my Hogan source this week and see what is up there.

I also read somewhere that there is a manufacturer testing a club with a removable crown. This enables the golfer to take off the crown, then add or take away weight in the heel and the toe. I’ve already started to research this further and I will see what I can find.

Thanks to all that wrote us emails over the holidays. If you did drop us a line… don’t worry.. we will get back to you. Give us a day or so to get back into the swing of things and you should hear from us soon. I wrote back a bunch of people on Christmas day but there is a new batch that I am working on now. I am also trying to figure out my new laptop so the typing is a bit slower!

There are a few new reviews up too. Check out the Mizuno FLI-HI II and the Ping G2 fairway. We have a bunch more stuff to put up but I think we will space it out a bit through these slow weeks and not put it all up at once.

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