Pre-Show News From Nike And MacGregor

Hello from beautiful Orlando! I’m kicking back and taking it easy before the show but I thought I’d post some new product news from Nike and MacGregor. Let’s get to it!

Nike Golf has announced that they’ve made their Nike One Black and Platinum balls even better with the release of the new +Black and +Platinum. So how do you make two really solid golf balls even better? Nike has managed to firm up the cover on the +Black to increase distance and reduce spin. The 3-Piece, 88 compression Black+ also features 336 dimples (a decrease from the previous model), a larger core and a thinner mantle. The 4-Piece, 84 compression +Platinum features a softer cover for increased feel and spin. Watch for these in the coming weeks! Most people I talk to agree that Titleist still maintains a fairly good grasp on the high end ball market but companies like Nike are really starting to close the gap!

Macgregor’s new Face-Off putter line hopes to help golfers make more putts regardless of the speed of the greens. The line designed by Bobby Grace features a polymer insert for fast greens and a milled metal insert for slower greens. The company has also launched the MACTEC NVG2 Draw driver. The newest addition to the line shares many of the technologies made famous by the other NVG2 drivers but also features tungsten weights placed in such a way as to create a draw bias. The MACTEC NVG2 Draw comes in 4 lofts…. 8.5 degrees (0.5 degrees open), 9.5 degrees (Square), 10.5 degrees (0.5 degrees closed) and 11.5 degrees (1 degree closed).

There you go… a few brief notes to start what should be a very busy week. I’ll try to get another post up tomorrow before things really get going on Wednesday. I think I’ll try to get a round in tomorrow… might as well at least try this game that we write so much about. We’re getting some great questions from our readers. I’ll do my best to try and get some answers for you and will probably put them all together into one big post. Email me if you’ve got any questions and I’ll see about getting you some answers at the show! Have a great night and we’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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