Titleist’s Loss Is Nike’s Gain – Nike Grabs Paul Casey

There are a few new reviews up for your reading enjoyment. Check out the MacGregor V-Foil Eye-O-Matic driver and the Yonex V-Mass 270 irons.

SirPuttsAlot has a new Rant up too. It is a nice round up of recent news and it is a good read. He put a few predictions in there too and I plan on holding him to all of them.

I mentioned a while ago that Paul Casey was looking for a new equipment deal and now he has found one. Nike Golf has signed Casey to their staff. Looks like he will be almost 100% Nike too. Casey will play an Ignite driver, Forged Pro Combo irons, Nike wedges, Ignite 3 wood and the Nike One Gold ball. I think Titleist really went overboard when they dumped the #29 player in the world and it could come back to haunt them.

One of the most asked about clubs on this site are the Callaway X-Tour irons. If you haven’t seen them yet… have no fear! Check out the “Equipment” section on . The site is actually kind of cool… it looks like Craig actually updates it himself. As for the Callaway X-Tour… my source seems to think that these will be made available to club professionals and golf shop managers in the spring. There are two guys from my place that will probably play them. I will let you know more info when I get it and I am thinking we will probably put a review up too.

In case you were wondering…. I mentioned the other day that I had a reader looking for a good place to get some club repairs done. Thanks to all that wrote in! Looks like Golfsmith and The Iron Factory were the winners with all of you.

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