You’re Fired – Trump Golf Management Is Formed

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There has been a rumor floating around on the internet for a few weeks now and I thought I would do some asking around to try and find out how valid it is. I have heard from numerous industry people that Callaway Golf is wanting to drop Hogan. Let’s go back to the beginning…. it’s not really a secret that Callaway bought Top Flite/Hogan for their golf ball plants. Callaway used to lose money on every golf ball they sold and by acquiring these plants Callaway can now make money on golf balls. I think Hogan was almost a throw-in… they were owned by Top Flite so they were included in the package. Callaway already made outstanding golf clubs so Hogan wasn’t as important to them. Hogan makes forged irons that are generally designed for the better player… pretty much the exact opposite to Callaway. If Callaway brings the X-Tour iron to market to become their “players” iron, where does that leave Hogan? Well according to some industry people, Hogan is on the way out. Where would they go? That we don’t really know. They don’t have the finances to go out on their own nor do I think they would make it by themselves. They could be sold to another company…. would Nike want a shot at Hogan? I will keep digging and I will see what I come up with.

I got a press release from Orlimar… yes Orlimar Golf is back. The release mentioned some older products that are still available as well as the new VT830 fairway. Check out for more details.

Donald Trump is getting into the golf business… actually he was already in it but now it is with both feet. The Donald has announced the formation of Trump Golf Management. Trump actually has four golf courses under his belt already and Trump Golf Management will be the organization that will look after them. Oh by the way… Carolyn Kepcher is one of the people in charge of the new Trump brand.. that would be Carolyn from the hit T.V. show The Apprentice..

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